Laravel is a PHP framework for monolithic and micro-service apps that provides a free and open-source platform for web development. Also, it helps to construct MVC applications. It helps develop all types of business applications like e-commerce software, CRM software, CMS, and SaaS-based applications. The approach of this PHP framework is composer driver. Laravel comes with an inbuilt feature package that ensures the development of web applications in a short time. Following are some of the most prominent features of Laravel that make web development a hassle-free process:

  1. Proper management of routing
  2. High flexibility & security
  3. Session management
  4. Simple verification
  5. Simple grabbing
  6. Dedicated template engine plate
  7. Potent Object Relational Mapping
  8. Cache handlers support Laravel
  9. MVC architecture

If you have an e-commerce firm where all the customer data is at stake, it becomes of utmost importance to provide a safe framework. Laravel is a highly secure system that does just that for you. It ensures security against all online dangers like SQL injection or cross-site forgery. Since Laravel protects your base code, your website application can run smoothly without any security threats. Also, in case you have a multilingual program, you can rely on Laravel as well.

Start-ups usually face many challenges such as; difficulty in handling errors, an unclear division between client-side or presentation code, insufficient automated testing sessions, managing technical vulnerabilities, improper URL routing, improper scheduling of tasks, and many others. For building any web application for your start-up or already established business enterprise, you need a solid framework that will address all your pain points. These challenges are taken care of by using Laravel. Let us understand how Laravel does that in more detail.

A few facts about laravel that you should know!

  1. Laravel integrates all mail services. Do you know any web application that does not notify a user after successful registration or payment?Well, any authentic web or mobile app will notify you regarding that. Mail services are used for sending notifications to users through email on various occasions/ events. For example, you get an email upon successful registration on any application or website. As compared to the SwiftMailer library, Laravel provides a cleaner and simple API. It also provides drivers that allow applications to start quickly by sending emails through a local or a cloud-based service. Moreover, it also sends alerts to delivery channels such as Slack/ SMS.
  2. Authorization and authentication of users/systems. Authentication refers to verifying the user identity and authorization is checking if the authenticated user has access to a particular set of content or resources. The Web application owners must ensure user identity before giving access. Only an authenticated user gets access to the paid content on an application or a website. This authentication by Laravel offers a clean means of authorization logic that controls access to users to the paid content.image
  3. Resolving technical vulnerabilities. Laravel has an inbuilt shield that secures it from all types of critical security vulnerabilities. It bars the unauthorized users from accessing the paid content on your web or mobile application.As your web or mobile application progresses, the security issues such as cross-site forgery, SQL injection, missing function level access control, security misconfiguration, insecure direct object references, broken authentication, cross-site scripting and others escalate. Laravel is a highly secured framework that offers high security to web applications against all these vulnerabilities.
  4. Error handling. The way any application handles errors has an impact on the usability of the app and user satisfaction. Usually, for data entry applications, errors are recognized after submitting the data. For instance, if a user inputs incorrect data in an app or on a website, then he/she must get an alert about the error. Users should get a notification if the application prevents access to them if they put in the incorrect data.It is necessary to handle errors. That enables the user to decide if it is his/her error or some application error. If the user does not understand the error type, he/she may never use that application again.This error handling feature is present in the Laravel project framework. It also integrates with the Monolog logging library, which aids a large number of log handlers.
  5. URL Routing. Users visit any application or website with some intention. They click on any link or image to get to the desired content. Hence, proper URL routing is necessary to enable users to get what they want. In case of the absence of routing, the user will get error messages upon clicking any link. Laravel provides proper URL routing that prevents such errors. In the case of Laravel, every application route is recorded in the app/routes.php file. This file instructs Laravel on how it should respond to URIs.
  6. Automated testing. The developer needs to test the application and the website to ensure problems such as bugs or crashes are not present in the app. Also, the developer has to ensure that the application is in line with the initial set requirements. Laravel has an in-built framework that allows convenient testing of applications. This framework has easy and demonstrative testing methods for apps. Also, it provides simple means for simulation of the primary user behaviour like link clicking, filling forms etc.
  7. Scheduling configuration of tasks and management. You need to have a system for scheduling tasks in any application. For instance, sending emails to subscribers on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Scheduling such tasks saves a lot of time and money as well. Some time ago, for scheduling tasks, application developers had built some sort of a Cron entry which was necessary for each and every task. In case of Laravel, with just one Cron entry into the server, the command scheduler enables an eloquent definition of the command schedule.All the features of Laravel mentioned above will help any enterprise develop web applications faster and with greater flexibility. So it makes sense that you hire Laravel developer for building your web apps. Laravel has prime importance when it comes to the IT industry. It mainly focuses on Enterprise applications. Since it is for a single business, it works only in a particular environment. Laravel being a high-grade framework is best suited for applications that require a lot of customization. Also, it improves the speed of applications that appeals to the users and is less complicated. The traffic thus generated on any application increases the revenues of a business enterprise.

Large business enterprises use Laravel for creating scalable and unique web applications in a short time. It is the best choice for any enterprise as its ever-growing technological advancement supports features that enable efficient construction of your web app. For developing your choice of web app, you need to Hire Laravel developer India. Make sure that you choose the right one to boost your company.