7 Key Advantages of Laravel Development For Businesses

Ruchit Patel

The graph of Business using Laravel for their web application development needs since the early, 2015 is an upward curve, and it’s anticipated Laravel as the most demanding PHP framework will continue to evolve. The way how PHP frameworks are, they are incredibly innovative and surprising for the web development sector. Laravel one such innovation in PHP and is the most preferred frameworks over the others.

Digging deeply into the popularity of Laravel, you will know how essential it is to switch to your business applications.

So, what is Laravel? What architecture is it based on?

The PHP framework as the language is open source and is MVC architecture based, i.e., Model, View and Controller. This open source PHP framework offers incredible flexibility. Whatever be the business need for web development custom Laravel website or web application development, eCommerce or web portal development, Laravel is the developer’s choice of framework.

Being an open source PHP framework, Laravel powers plenty of business websites and web application today. The phenomenal popularity of Laravel immensely contributes to the success and growth of Open Source Technologies. The framework is immensely popular among the business who look for custom web development solutions. Laravel regularly releases its version, and a total of 15 versions are available. The current stable version is Laravel 5.6 and was released on 7th February 2018. Every new Laravel version attempts to make the process of web application development simple and easy while being more secure and faster.

The blog lists the most convincing benefits of choosing Laravel development framework:

Fully customizable

Every business seeks a web development solution which adapts itself to its structure and Laravel is such PHP framework which allows complete customization. The pre-designed packages of Laravel framework are customizable to suit the specific business requirements. There is no doubt in expecting 100% results with this open source framework , and you can Hire a Laravel developer to get started on your project. Integrating 3rd party application is also very easy with Laravel.

Secure Authorization Implementation

Laravel has out-of-the-box functionalities, which makes implementing authorization easy. Laravel conveniently systematizes the authorization logic and resources have simple control access. This feature of Laravel makes ensures that unauthorized users don’t get access to the secured resources.

Mail Services Integration

It’s a very basic requirement for any business to have a reliable communication system so that they never miss out on anything. Businesses can hire Laravel developers to get the cloud or local-based mailing service developed and communicate via various channels.

Faster Time to Market

The development cycle of Laravel is quick, so your product gets the benefit of faster time to market. Further developers don’t need to focus deep on developing customized solutions for businesses. The helpful set of libraries make Laravel a feature-rich a framework with top-notch user-experience. Business owners have better prospects of enjoying a high ROI with a product developed using Laravel in a short span of time.

MVC Support

Laravel is an MVC supported PHP framework, which benefits the web developers plenty of inbuilt functions while developing all sorts of applications of different complexities.

Hire Return with Less Investment

Every business has their own budget, and Laravel as the best-suited framework for enterprise app development suits budgets of all kinds, whether it’s high or low. Laravel works on the principle of code reusability, so developers can make use of already existing modules. The framework with extensive customizability and scalability returns your business more as compared to some other technology.

Futuristic Framework

Business with long-term goals should always prefer Laravel for their web application needs. It’s a highly adaptable framework, and very quickly adapts to the market trends or consumer needs. Hire a Laravel expert to create a future-ready web application or website quickly.


Laravel today is a go-to choice for any business planning to get a secure, highly efficient and scalable application developed. If are looking for such solutions, Hire Laravel Developers at ViitorCloud Technologies. Our team of Laravel experts are well-versed with the framework and offer solutions for the projects of all sorts of complexities. Our Laravel Development services include application upgrade, maintain and support and even developing entire from scratch.

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