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Posted On : 26th August, 2022 by ViitorCloud

The goal of React JS is to create interfaces that are both dynamic and efficient by implementing your views as a function of the current state of your data. React JS also implements one-way reactive data flow, meaning that an update in one part of the interface will cause other components to update automatically. React JS gives you declarative markup, meaning that instead of describing how to change something in the UI, you explain how you want the UI to look. You’ll find the top 10 Mistakes to Avoid when using React JS!


  1. Not using JSX

    When you write ReactJS code, it’s important to use JSX. JSX is a way of writing your code in a more declarative style, which makes your code easier to read and maintain.
    JSX is especially useful when you are writing components. A component is a reusable code used in multiple places in your application.

  2. Using React and jQuery together

    One common problem is that React and jQuery clash with each other. This can cause problems with layout and CSS. Using React and jQuery together can also lead to conflicts with your APIs.

    To avoid these problems, choosing the right libraries for your project is important. Choose the right library for the job at hand, and you can avoid any clashes or conflicts.

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  4. Storing React State in a Single Place

    When utilizing React, it’s critical to avoid keeping React information in a single location. This might cause issues when trying to update or modify the state. Redux allows you to construct a centralized store for all your application’s data.

  5. Passing event handlers down to child components

    When you create a React component, you should always pass event handlers down to child components. This will keep your code organized and make it easy to read.
    Passing event handlers to child components makes your code easier to read and maintain. Make sure you do it whenever possible!

  6. Forgetting to update the state with form validation errors

    ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library that can be used to create user interfaces. It enables you to develop basic or complicated user interfaces without worrying about the underlying programming. You must use a different method to tackle this problem. You may use a form validation library such as Formidable or Validator js.

  7. Nested component callbacks

    It’s best to keep your component callbacks as simple as possible by avoiding nested callbacks. This will make your code easier to read and debug, and it will also make it easier to share code between different components.

  8. Ingesting props from the parent component

    One way to do this is to use the withReactChildren function. This function takes an argument and calls it with each child component as its argument. This function can then return a new component that contains the required prop.

  9. Not resizing your app to accommodate different screen sizes

    It’s important to keep in mind that not all apps need to be designed for wide screens. Often it’s better to develop for smaller screens first and then adapt the app if and when it becomes necessary to make it larger.

  10. Passing undefined around

    To avoid this problem, always use the React component’s getDefaultProps and set default props methods when setting properties on your components. These methods will ensure that the value you pass in is valid React component data.

  11. Mixing display none and visibility toggles

    To avoid this mistake, always set the property to display: none or hidden when you want the element to be hidden from the DOM. For example, you would use this code when setting an element to have a hidden appearance:

    const container = document.getElementById(‘container’) const myContainer = container.cloneNode(true) = ‘none’



Why is react js used? ReactJS is most commonly used as a front-end library for building user interfaces. This means that it is used to create the look and feel of a website or application. ReactJS can be used to create simple or complex user interfaces.

However, like any other tool, it can be used improperly if not with care. We’ll take a look at some of the top mistakes to avoid when using react js in 2022 so that you can build user interfaces that are both effective and error-free. Thanks for reading!