Know What Type Of Websites We Can Create Using WordPress

Niketan Shah

WordPress is one of the best and widely used website development platforms. Currently, it is used globally due to its unique and exciting features it offers. As per Kinsta, WordPress has a massive 60.8% share in CMS (Content Management System) market.

WordPress is the most suitable platform if you are planning to start your online business. WordPress is the most advanced Content Management System utilized to build, manage, and publish contents online.

In addition, it is an open-source platform having huge support from community developers. Initially, WordPress was considered a blogging platform; however, it has become the most prominent platform, with more than 40% of the web running on this platform.

Let’s check the type of websites we can create using WordPress:

  1. Blog As said earlier, WordPress was started as a blogging platform and rapidly, it turned into a robust CMS. Since the last decades, blogging websites have emerged at a rapid speed.

    They have become more mature, sophisticated, and polished. Therefore, if you plan to build a personal website or blog, you can easily use this CMS and its tools and grow your website quickly.

  2. eCommerce WordPress is the most advanced and highly recommended CMS for developing eCommerce websites. In addition, several plugins are available, such as WPEcommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce and others, which can quickly turn your website into a highly functional eCommerce platform.
  3. Job Board Many renowned websites such as Problogger, Smashing Magazine etc., use job boards as an additional income source. The increasing demand for job boards catering to the requirements of specific specialization or industry. WordPress enables you to build a job board to post your jobs quickly, and job seekers can respond accordingly.
  4. Business Websites Today we face the COVID-19 situation, and undoubtedly, all businesses are significantly affected by it, primarily those operating offline only. However, several businesses have identified the importance of having an online presence and moved towards online mode.

    If you want to convert visitors into potential customers, consider using a unique FAQ plugin with 40,000+ active installations.

    Some big brands like Sony Music and Mercedes-Benz depend on WordPress to empower their online business. WordPress executes incorporating videos and images quickly and efficiently while also providing many extensions to assist website development.

    A business website must have below mentioned features:

    • Include call-to-action (CTA)
    • Have strong content
    • Don’t overdo things
    • Make it about the customer
  5. Portfolio Website Are you seeking an online platform where you can showcase your work? If yes, WordPress can be the best solution to create gorgeous sliders and image galleries. This CMS is the best to create a portfolio website and showcase your work to online users.

    WordPress offers several extensions and plugins to successfully create your online presence to present your achievements and skills in a visually- appealing manner.

  6. Online Community Want to create an online community platform that you imagine? You can create a business-centric online community platform using WordPress. It assists you in engaging your target market and stand out differently from the competitors.

    As a result, you can quickly build a loyal following and niche-specific audience. Whether you want to create an online place for same-minded people to share opinions, build a following, or provide support, WordPress is the best platform for creating an online community.

  7. Digital Publishing and Magazine Websites Digital publishing and magazine websites can combine entertainment, interviews, stories, news or other types of reporting. If you ever think about creating such types of websites, use WordPress.

    It offers tremendous support to its developers. One of the biggest examples of such kind of website is The Onion which is based on WordPress.

  8. Multilingual Website WordPress can be used to create multilingual websites. Such websites offer products, content or several other benefits to the readers and assist them in their known language. Additionally, if you want to grow your business in different regions, WordPress is a highly recommended option for you.
  9. Wiki Sites (Like Wikipedia) Creating your own Wiki website seems to be difficult, time consuming. Moreover, you will need to do plenty of research to make things right. But, again, WordPress comes as the best platform to assist you in creating great websites like Wikipedia. With this CMS, you can create your own Wiki site effortlessly.
  10. Social Networking WordPress has no boundary. It comes with thousands of features, extensions, and plugins. It enables to develop the social networking sites easily. You can use WordPress plugins like BuddyPress to create a social network. It assists you in creating, manage, and update any business website.

    The platform is easy to use and offers a variety of features to developers. Besides that, WordPress sites are highly interactive and customizable, so you will not feel any hindrance in creating social networking sites.

Final Words

Finally, we can say that WordPress is not just used for blogging; it is an incredible platform used for creating multi-purpose websites. It is incredibly adaptable and gives several tools and plugins to grow your online business quickly.

Artists can create their portfolios; recruiters can create their job portals; booking managers can create sites for events; it is suitable for all business domains. We have just described few websites that you can create using WordPress; however, to know your domain connect with professional WordPress developers.

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