Unity 3D is What Your Business Should Look for Game App Development in 2018

Mit Shah
unity 3d game development

The way technology has unfolded in the recently passed years have inclined the users more towards mobile devices than the desktops. A quarterly report generated by the Global Games Market reveals that with the increase in gaming popularity among the users, the revenue rates are flying high.

And to concrete, this further, 90% of the mobile app market on a global scale account for the revenue earned from gaming apps. It’s not just users have mobile phones for texts, chats, calls or social media; Gaming Apps forms the one of the prime reason. And it is quite evident that in future mobile gaming will lead the entire gaming market with more than half of the share.

Unity3D – Uniting the Global Game Lovers

While there are quite impressive game development engines in the global market, Unity 3D has become the only choice of many businesses when it is about game app development. And it is pretty apparent as this game development beast is available for every platform, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, irrespective of the device or the platform.

The breakthrough concepts in technology like AR & VR are fascinating a large number of gamers and Unity 3D is making this all possible in the gaming division. On the top of that just like the cherry on the cake Unity 3D excels in better UI – ‘first impression is what you see & believe’.

This ‘no longer a dream gaming engine’ targets seven platforms such as Android, iOS, VR, Windows, Mac, Microsoft, and Google Cardboard. A half and a million of game developers trust Unity 3D for the stunning graphics development in their Android, iOS, Web, console, etc.

Unity 3D supports both 2D and 3D graphics, and it forms the basis of why a large number of businesses have adopted it for their game app development. So, what so exclusive about Unity 3D as the popular game development engine? Have a look here,

  1. Unity 3D is cross-platform so deploying the game on different platforms and creating its various stages is easier than before.
  2. Even beginners can easily head start with Unity 3D as it has drag-and–drop functionality.
  3. The UI of Unity 3D is stunning, clean and eye-catching to the user.
  4. The scripting of Unity 3D is similar to JavaScript called UnityScript.
  5. It simply extends beyond a game development engine and offers developer solutions for ads & analytics, certifications, cloud build and multiplayer.
  6. Powerful enough to create high-end video games and console game app development
  7. Irrelevant to any platform, it intuitively adapts to any resolution setting
  8. The low-level APIs of Mac, Android, Windows and Mac are supported on this gaming engine.

So why a developer won’t leverage the features of Unity 3D in the game app development for a business?

The Unity 3D Developers have the benefit of rich documentation and quick start with game app development on this engine. And it’s pretty cool that just by searching and exploring a few similar game apps on GitHub developers have the ease to clone their repositories and change them as per the feature and functionality you wish to put. Unity 3D engine follows C# scripting and works with this engine demands exceptional skills.

So, while you hire Unity 3D developer never overlook to check their skills which should be beyond developing a normal gaming app. Ensure to check, recheck and verify their workflow that defines their way of game development. Have a bigger detailed picture, even the minute of minute details matters, whether it is 2D or 3D game app development or UI or animation.

The powerful editor of Unity 3D is functionally easy for even the beginners to customize the workflow and integrating other APIs and tools. A quick not-so-known trivial fact to mention here, is that the popular Temple Run Trilogy is built on Unity 3D. And the very-known fact of Temple Run Trilogy is that it has superior UI and customization, stunning animations, high-speed, better sounds, and high-quality navigation and speed.


The powerful Unity 3D game development engine goes beyond its functionality and suits every requirement of the developers and businesses that make their success ongoing.

The revolutionary game engine is helping out businesses thrive effectively in the game development arena. If you too aren’t hesitant to try it for your game app development, Hire Unity 3d Developers and get your business game on point.

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