5 Ways Virtual Reality Could Become Part of Our Everyday Lives

Mit Shah

As of today, many big organizations are getting into the VR segment. A few such giants are; Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Oculus, etc. You may wonder what Virtual Reality is and why there is so much fuss about it. VR is a technology that enables us to generate a simulated scene. It literally puts a user within an experience. With virtual reality, you don’t just watch something on a screen, rather you get to communicate with 3D worlds. With this technology, you can simulate any number of senses (like hearing, touch, and so on) that you want to and get a chance to experience an artificial world. The only limitations of this are the availability of affordable computing capability and good content.

The experience is unreal but still feels so real. It’s like it takes you into some other world where you can explore everything that you see around you. A good story, great graphics, complete 360-degree visuals, and sound all together provide an extraordinary experience like nothing else. All your movements are tracked through the VR headset & controls. The slightest movement by you will be read and then imitated via the headset. Virtual reality has the potential to influence various industries today and tomorrow as well. With more and more people adopting it for education, training, showcasing sample flats or designs of the building, medical training, etc it will definitely become more attainable.

Let us have a look at how much this technology has penetrated various industries. Also, how it has the potential to impact our everyday life.

  1. Teaching and Training.

    In this field, we can expect to see a steady rise in usage especially for training and educating in big companies, healthcare organizations, etc. Schools and colleges can make use of this technology to increase the engagement of their students. Rather than teaching them by giving instances and stories, it is always better to let the students experience and learn from it. Organizations and brands can use it for teaching purposes. For instance, you can use VR for designing a training event for pilots, technicians, or others. This will almost be like a real-life experience that will help the pilots or engineers improve before using their expertise on the actual thing. Even the higher authorities can keep a track of how their employees are doing. There are many opportunities where VR can be used for training people.

  2. Medical industry.

    VR is extremely useful in this industry. Healthcare professionals can use it to simulate the exact surgery-like conditions using this technology and practice before performing the actual surgery. Not just that it also helps boost the confidence of the new doctors who may be nervous or stressed about their first surgery. Doctors can use this technology to help with an operation. For instance, a doctor in the US once had to operate a baby and he used VR for performing it. It let the doctors view each and every view of the heart on their VR headsets and it helped them operate successfully. So, you see how virtual reality can be a lifesaving technology.

  3. Tourism.

    Just imagine if before confirming your booking you could get the actual experience of your holiday hotel. That will help you decide if it is actually worth visiting. Using this amazing technology you can explore them by just sitting at your home without even moving or getting up from your chair. You can actually get a complete 360-degree glimpse of the place that you want to visit. If you want you can even walk around to get a feel of the surroundings. It’s like you are there only. This technology can be used for trying out before actually buying to a certain degree in the travel & tourism industry.

  4. Hiring for jobs.

    If you think, you can actually consider using virtual reality technology for evaluating the applicants while taking their job interviews. Something like this was planned by Lloyds Banking Group for screening the candidates that were to come for an interview. So you see how corporations are adopting the latest technologies and utilizing them to help their businesses and also the employees. Using this technology, a company can evaluate the applicants by simulating certain scenes and observing how they react in those situations.


  5. Meetings & everyday communications.

    You can hold all your client or company meetings in a VR format. These days there is no need for all the participants to be in one room for the purpose of attending a meeting. With virtual reality, you can get a full 360-degrees view of the entire room that too on your headset. You get a feeling that you are actually sitting with all the participants in one room. This technology will definitely revolutionize how we interact during a meeting or a conference. Don’t you too think that virtual reality will transform a majority of our interaction experiences during meetings, conferences, training etc.

  6. Virtual reality & Artificial Intelligence.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another disruptive technology that has the potential to transform the way we live. If we integrate Virtual Reality & Artificial intelligence, this pair has the power to fully transform and make our lives even more easier. Still, both these technologies are at a very early stage and are still developing. An example of both these technologies used together is the set of features that are available on Instagram. As these two technologies advance, they will definitely have a lot more to offer us.

With big tech giants entering this segment, the progress of virtual reality will continue at an accelerated pace. VR has a tremendous scope of playing a significant role in training and education. With VR, you can get an almost real-life type of experience at a much lesser cost. This field is still emerging and we do have high hopes for this for the future. Hire a virtual reality developer for your organization and let your customers, business, and employees benefit from what it has to offer.

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