Why Choose Laravel and Why We Use It

Ruchit Patel

While building a PHP-based web application, you have options to choose from a wide range of PHP frameworks. Lots of statistics show that Laravel is currently one of the most popular frameworks than other PHP frameworks.

However, it is also true that professional developers never choose a framework due to its popularity only; they always consider the offered features of a framework. Here Laravel fulfils lots of project requirements perfectly.

We know 661,355 live websites use Laravel and 593,832 sites that used Laravel historically, so there are a total of 1,255,187 websites.

Choosing the right framework for app development is one of the vital factors to consider ensuring the project success. When you hire Laravel developer for app development, they choose the framework according to its 3rd party integrations, deployment, efficiency, simplicity, structure, testing and many more. All such factors need to be considered as per the project requirement and cost of development.

There are many PHP frameworks available offering robust technical functionalities such as CodeIgniter, Phalcon, CakePHP, Laravel, Zend, Symfony, Yii, Slim etc. Yet, Laravel has occupied the top position on the list of all PHP frameworks.

Know the reasons why we choose Laravel and why we use it?

  1. Highly flexibleLaravel helps developers to build a full-fledged and highly reliable eCommerce website and a professional B2B site. It has extensive pre-installed libraries that enable developers to create and support a wide range of advanced features for your website, such as encryption and password reset.

    Laravel also offers a variety of third-party packages available to include different functionalities and features to your website, such as Socialite, which assists users to login into your website using their social media profiles.

    Every developer and business wishes to integrate such an option to facilitate their users.

  2. Security is keySecurity is the biggest concern for lots of businesses. Laravel offers advanced security features that are easy to configure and integrate on your websites. Such features protect your site from unauthorized access.

    Moreover, Laravel utilizes the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, which means it never saves any security information like a password in the database. Comparing Laravel with other frameworks offers restricted access features, and great user authentication is easy to build. It helps you keep your websites’ data safe and secure.

  3. Better website performanceLaravel offers lots of unique features to developers and supports websites in different manners. It supports caching for website out-of-the-box, which is perfect for increasing website speed.

    To further boost your website’s performance and speed, Laravel offers other speed optimization techniques such as database indexing and memory use reduction really easy to implement.

    All such features make Laravel a perfect choice to develop your business website. Especially if you need an SEO-friendly and quick website, then Laravel is an excellent choice for you.


  4. Blade template engineLaravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) programming standard; you can quickly create simple to complex web applications by keeping business logic layers and user interface separate.

    Simultaneously, the Blade template engine will assist developers in compiling all views into PHP Code, retaining this code in the views and cache it till the views stand unchanged. You can leverage the benefits of the Blade template engine to extend layouts and display data without affecting your app’s performance.

  5. RESTful routingLaravel assists developers in web service development by supporting RESTful routing. In this way, it simplifies the entire web application development. Developers can easily use this PHP framework to create web service relied on REST architecture.

    Such features assist developers in creating a highly interactive web application and services via an open protocol like HTTP. Moreover, Laravel helps simplify web services by using HTTP elements such as POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.

    To better use implement Laravel functional features; you should hire Laravel developer India. It will help you get the real power of this awesome PHP framework.

  6. Unit TestingDevelopers can perform unit testing with PHPUnit while using Laravel. It makes it easier to test the functionalities of the app throughout the entire development process.

    Laravel enables developers to perform unit testing easily by defining custom test methods and writing test cases effortlessly. Therefore, we can say Laravel is a perfect framework to deliver an error-free app in less time.

  7. Easy third-party integrationsThere are very few or no chances that a website doesn’t require third-party applications. Integrating payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe is also an essential need for lots of websites, especially the sites selling products online.

    Indeed Laravel big contender if you need to integrate some sort of third-party tools in your website.

  8. Simple website maintenanceSimply websites built using the Laravel framework are easy to maintain and update. Think it a few years back; it was not easy to add new features to the website if the existing developer left the job.

    However, with Laravel, the scenario is different due to its OOP principles, MVC architecture and clean cod maintaining and upgrading a website are very easy to do.

  9. API developmentWhile writing APIs, developers can leverage the resource class to associate JSON requests and Eloquent models without building any transformation layer. In simple words, we can say Laravel assists in API development.

All the listed features elaborate on why we should use Laravel for web application development. It is quite a different framework that assists developers in lots of ways.

If you are planning to create a feature-rich, customized and interactive web app for your business, you must consider the Laravel framework. However, if you want to leverage the full benefits of the Laravel framework, you must hire professional Laravel developers.

  1. Choosing Laravel is like having a superpower in web development. It not only streamlines the coding process but also ensures a robust and maintainable codebase. Kudos to Laravel for making my life as a developer so much easier!

  2. Laravel isn’t just a framework; it’s a community, an ecosystem of innovation. Opting for Laravel means joining a tribe of developers committed to excellence, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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