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ViitorCloud partners with emerchantpay to deliver payment processing technology to its customers in India and globally.

ViitorCloud delivers an immersive digital twin solution for Noida International Airport in fulfilling the vision of building India's model airport, which will be entirely based on digital technologies.

Hawkeye Archer brings you the fast-paced visceral action of a first-person shooter and combines it with the immersive and tangible experience of mixed reality competitivearchery.

Website and mobile app developed for MatchMe TM by GoPIB is a unique social networking portal for businesses and professionals that is focused on protecting the privacy of its users.

Premove is an ambitious fitness application giving a room to the employee engagement for physical fitness with their day-to-day working lifestyle.

Signature campaign brings a new platform for taking and having a pledge for event, and from general public as well.

IndiMoji is an Augmented Reality based application for mobile devices providing real-time virtual face tracking & 3D enhanced virtual user experience.

A ViitorCloud original, Crazy Crackers is a fun and casual game where the player must tap the screen continuously to keep the rocket afloat.

Sutra is a Virtual Reality turnkey product that provides geographic intelligence for defence forces with features like terrain analysis & communication strategizing.

Dragon Strike is an ARCore powered Augmented Reality experience that places you in an immersive playable environment to shoot dragons that appear on your screen with your actual surrounding augmented using your device camera.

Crystal Keeper is a ViitorCloud original hyper casual game which features players in an orthographic eagle's eye view as they protect their circular perimeter from an endless wave of incoming objects.

Civy is a civic engagement platform that provides easy and secure communication channel for residents to share feedback public projects by cities and governments.

Bollettino Notai Lecce is a mobile application for storage and easy search facility for digitized legal documents & certificates.

An end-to-end Blockcert platform that guarantees the authenticity of diplomas provided by CIHEAM Bari.

Labnet is the foremost global online lab-grown diamond trading platform in the world.

Neos invoicing is an online accounting software that has all the tools you need to manage your money, from invoicing to expense tracking to accounting.

ViitorCloud developed a mobile application for Greenfield to enable smart home automation using its smart switchboards.

Powerplay is a sports venue aggregator service provider that helps users book venues for their favourite sports across multiple locations.

Tavelio is a travel app to share the best travel tips among friends via the use of prominent social networking websites like Facebook.

GC Home is a smart home automation service designed to utilize your existing home ecosystem and enable smart automation for all devices as well as addon sensors.

A viitorCloud original product, Send It Over is an encrypted messaging platform that provides end-to-end encrypted messages that self-destruct after a set time period.

Amplify is a health & fitness platform enabled by ViitorCloud to provide necessary functions and features that assist better training for athletes and coaches in the sports sector.

"An application for End-to-end stock supply for restaurants & food service companies."

"An App for Trading, Swapping & Bartering Your Stuff." Alkmy app provides a Searching for nearby items is easy.

"Personalized Stays for diversified Needs" Weekly Hotels is an online travel agency for hotel accommodation booking.

"Focus on creativity. Forget the clutter." An effortless system to store, organize and deploy your photos, videos, docs, graphics and all other digital assets.

Shitcoins are various cryptocurrencies that are devalued mostly by reasons of fraud, stupidity, hacks or market manipulation.

DineUP is a mobile application that offers services for faster food delivery. To design the website and company branding we chose to contrast bright colors that grab attention with dark and light plain backgrounds.

Digital Impact is a global technology service provider. The company helps corporations automate business processes and gain market share using technologies such as Robotics Process Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning, Data Analytics and eCommerce solutions.

Uncovering the world of Opportunities and Future of Recruitment.

Varemar is a informational website which stoods a barrier between company and regular, potential customers and providing them the convenience of reviewing Varemar services.

vCura is a digital platform for a healthcare startup with the aim to aid self-care by digitizing healthcare records and utilizing it to improve care coordination between health service providers and to leverage analytics for a better and healthier lifestyle.

Bag2Bag facilitates customers to book their best-suited stay online and to enable businesses to maximize their reach online by offering options for short stay, hourly stay, day stay, night stay and extended stay.

A platform to connect all Xavierites with a facility of One-on-one communication and share the ideas with each other

ARchery - Shoot the Fruit” is ARCore powered Augmented Reality experience that places you in an environment to shoot the fruits that appear on your screen with your actual surrounding using your phone camera.

Hawkeye Archer is simple infinite game with virtual gaming adventure that features stunning graphics, amazing animations.

An iconic 182-meter tall landmark is the Statue of Unity dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Action-packed combat Horse Rider Kills Zombies is a mobile and VR gaming application which involves shooting zombies on the way.

Buy online grocery and household primaries from stores on the app at best rates with delivery in 90 minutes.

'Smart School' is an intuitive Android app for parents for easy school management.

Shopkio is an eCommerce app built for the web as well as mobile that aims to sell ethnic clothing globally.

Tixe is a bespoke, innovative and inclusive app intelligent to monitor the location and event activities of the user and helps him feel secure.

LCFS is a full-fledged website containing information about its services, events, and people.

Save the Child is a stand-alone multilingual full-scale website that includes detailed program information of Jordan's NGO.

BuyFresh is an online portal where you can buy the best regional specialties & fresh farm products from Switzerland.

UncleDen is a mobile and web platform for the people who need the repair, maintenance and installation services.

Newfaith is a Baptist church website which bridges the gap between the Newfaith church and its followers.

A full-service innovative PMS built in Laravel + Vue js, for effective resource management, accounting, business intelligence, and team collaboration.

Meri Registry built-in Laravel, an innovative gifting solution for various celebrations and festive occasions.

WordPress website AMAN seeks to protect and rehabilitate victims of violence, women and children.

WordPress powered Dadedo, is a platform where local insights from Arab culture & Muslim communities’ meet global standards in creative communication, design and content development.

Powered by WordPress, SmartGuru, bring revolution in education by providing extremely advance evaluation platform for all students.

Built-in HTML, Flatmate Finders is one of Australia's popular accommodation sharing and flatmate services.

Mobile Application powered by Ionic & Firebase is a goal-based group chat application.

SAP Business One is an ERP software platform particularly designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Ionic and Laravel Mobile App Development For Apna Gujarat, an online news-sharing website of the State of Gujarat.

Laravel based online news portal, Apna Gujarat focusses on providing Gujarat's latest happenings and issues of the state.

All-In-One Reports for Jira enhance Jira by adding compelling reporting capabilities to it.

The web app for Days Inn - Hotel group in the US, helps one can book and manage the stay.

Rentigo provides property management solution that helps landlord & property vendors with easy provisions.

TFM helps merchants with dozens of popular payment solutions and offers various payment methods.

Die3, is wine selling website, the finest quality wine drinks are from Bündner Herrschaft.

AAHH! FEST is a one-day music festival, the website facilitates ticket purchasing for the attendees.

Thrive counselling center is a website developed. The organisation helps people attain mental and emotional well-being.

Triumph counselling center is a website developed. The organisation helps people attain mental and emotional well-being.

Wullschleger Weine is a website that sells the finest quality of wines, making the buying process easy.

The website is of Bethel New Life, a 501c3 Chicago based non-profit organization.

The website is for Camp Wartburg which is a retreat center and summer camp facility.

Liquid Studios provides 360 degrees of opportunities for people and places.

FATYF is an education ministry that empowers people to handle their finances and build wealth efficiently.

Laravel based website of Official political party lead by Shri Shankar Sinh Vaghela operating in Gujarat.

WordPress powered eCommerce website for Nanoscale Automotive and Motorsport products.




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