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ViitorCloud partnered with NIA to deliver immersive and interactive holographic solution that enables airport stakeholders to evaluate internal and external design considerations, interact with the virtual model of the airport in hologram, map the design and development phases with holographic and 3d visualizations and much more.

360 Degree multiuser 3D holographic experience

Simulation for Terminal building construction process

Depict the core feature of Airport master plan

Increase in efficiency of decision making

We delivered !


Enriched technology that simulates near-perfect Airport Masterplan.

Share Understanding

Allows multiple users to interact and walkthrough the holographic experience.

Knowledge Retention

Obtain complete context of the area surrounding the project with animations.

Free to Explore

Maneuver mode to see the ground level details of entire plan.

ViitorCloud's solution enabled the decision-makers to see exactly how the Airport would look during various phases of construction and on completion. Using 3D glasses on the surface of the holographic table, the solution can simulate the entire master plan of the Airport, design options in real-time, walk through the airport infrastructure from a first-person camera, bird eye view, and much more.

Nicholas Schenk

Chief Development Officer, Noida International Airport (NIA)

Value Proposition

A True Understanding

Enables decision-makers to see exactly how the plan would look during various phases of construction and on completion.

Design Planning

Rectify design errors which is extremely difficult to detect on a 2D drawing, like finding a wall in the wrong place or insufficient height of a ceiling.

Seamless Connectivity

Offer ways to discuss the site of the ongoing construction over holographic display to demonstrate polygon models such as CAD, BIM, etc.

Experience your Data

View and experience the virtual walkthrough which can be integrated with real-time data feeds in an Interactive Hologram.

Plans, Designs For Noida International Airport, Asia's Biggest

Hologram & NIA at Groundbreaking Ceremony

Viitorcloud in collaboration with Futurotec , developed a holographic, state-of-the-art, immersive digital twin solution that facilitates efficient decision-making for huge infrastructure projects at various stages of execution with greater details and reduces design time. It was presented to the Hon. PM of India, Hon. CM of UP, Hon. Cabinet Minister of Civil Aviation and senior officials of NIA during the Ground Breaking Ceremony of NIA, Noida.

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