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Overview of Tavelio

Share your favorite trips.

Tavelio is a travel app to share the best travel tips among friends. The app provides brilliant features like news feed shows the latest tips, ratings of cities and trips taken by friends and yourself. Users can like and/or comment news feeds. Users can add a tip (incl. photos, rating of the tip, category, Name with link to Google Maps and description).

Users can rate cities, trips, add pictures and comments. Users have complete control over how much information they wish to share about trips with friends and hide said trips from select contacts as well.

Key Features

Add trips & share trips with friends.

Add cities visited with pictures and comments.

Create bucket list for future trips.

News feed to check all tips, trips and cities visited posts.

Map pin integration for all trips and cities visited.

Add friends nearby and using the app with easy messages.

Real time notifications via the app.

Technical Challenges

Creating an application that could sustain a humungous user base and sustaining repeated user requests.

Creating a seamless user experience that enhances the sharing of trips among friends and contacts.

Making certain that the application adheres to all privacy policies and data protection regulations across the globe.

Integrating third-party applications like Google Maps to add to the shared trips by users for a better experience.

Making sure there is no lag in real-time updates on notifications, likes, shares, and comments on trips shared and uploaded by users.

Screenshot of tavelio

Business Benefits

Add tips about your favorite destinations.

Add pictures of your trips.

Add ratings for your trips and destinations.

All device compatibility.

Exceptional user interface.

Google Maps integration for easy access.

Facebook integration for sharing, likes and comments.





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