4 Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Website

Vishal Rajpurohit

If your current website does not help out you to produce sufficient business then it’s time to renovate your whole website. It’s time to redecorate the web according to present trends and it’s time to re-structure your content strategies.

In general, the idea is not to destroy your online occurrence for mistaken reasons. Website re-designing can force the course of your overall strategies if not appropriately designed or implemented. However, just because someone asks you to believe that you need to redesign your website does not mean at all that you will do it right without making an allowance for the purpose. The plan must include enlarging traffic to your website which turns into business. The high-level plan is to contain your new product lines or to keep side by side with the current web trends; website re-designing initiatives must be thoroughly planned.

Before you arrive at decision, have a look at the given below reasons once:

Your website does not attract new traffic.

To generate new traffic, your website should have sufficient visibility in the search engine with your aspiration product line to sell. Each page should include a call to action where every visitor should fill up the forms to reach you or either the visitors should get the information of their choice by getting the forms filled.

Have you try to measure past 12 months analytics of your website? Have a look at below parameters:

  1. Number of visits
  2. Percentage of new visits compare to past
  3. Landing pages most visited
  4. Time spent on website
  5. Bounce rate
  6. Conversion rate

Once you have these data in your hand, you can analyze market behavior. If the visitor cannot find what they are looking for, there is no meaning of the website on air. The chances are, these visitors will never come back.

To get regular visits, content placement and redesigning strategies should be applied.

In this competition, your marketing objectives changed

We are here to fight for every single visitor to turn into a customer. The competition scenario has been changed globally which affects largely your business compared to your competitors. Your competitors may have already copped up with the market needs but you are still behind.

To be present in the race, refurbishing the website is one such option available in hand, which can immediately give the desired results. The marketing goal has to change for re-branding your product lines, adding innovative products to the list as well refocusing on your positioning with all new content in place. It will all help redefine landing pages, product lines, and services.

Structure of an antique technology

Yes, this is the reason, your website does not seem large nor does it have any dynamic approach. With changes in technology, we have to execute new designs, layouts, functional aspects, tools, add-ons etc with deliberation of browser compatibility too.

An antique-built website does not work with high-tech browsers. A visitor does not feel thrilled while visiting your established old formed website. The old technology website may take a longer time to load. When it happens, the visitor to your website will be annoyed consequently don’t just sit ideal – make your decision to redecorate the website.

The search engine policies are changing in periodical events. We will help you to relocate your business in WWW world so that you can make a good intuition on your customers and make them visit your web every now and then. We will help you to create fresh content and an appealing design with our search engine optimization services.

When your site is not user friendly

Being user-friendly can have a considerable impact on the productivity of the website. It affects visitor maintenance, visitor return rates, bounce rates, individual page alteration rates, and overall site conversion rates.

Making a website visitor-friendly is something that should be addressed during the design of the website by the web designer, but in the many usability audits we carry out, it’s a feature that frequently seems to get taken for decided or assumed.

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) defines something as user-friendly if it efficiently and capably satisfies a specified set of users by allowing them to accomplish a specified set of tasks in a particular environment.

In our web development checklist, this means designing a website to effectively and efficiently satisfy the visitors the site was designed for, which is one reason why it’s important to know who the target visitors for a site actually are.

This means a site does not have to satisfy all visitors, which is virtually not possible. It doesn’t matter if children find it tricky to use your website if children are not the target visitors.

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