5 Ways Augmented Reality Can Step-up Your Marketing Game

Mit Shah

We all know that Augmented Reality (AR) is a buzzword these days; however, is it effective? Are marketers focusing on this new shiny technology? Indeed AR is an innovative technology that has proven to be a valuable, profitable, and effective marketing tool. Marketers are using AR technology for several good reasons, and here you will know the reasons.​

Deloitte found that about 90% of the enterprises with an annual turnover of $100 million to $1 billion have started using AR or VR technology.

Generally, AR is connected with cranial, ultra-futuristic displays, as we have seen in the movies like The Terminator. But, more aware of hardware is indeed where we see the notion of AR heading.

The mix of information-heavy and mobile computing and user-generated services have built a robust background for new AR applications that presumes the boundaries on what potential and possibilities we thought.

The growth of mobile computing and microprocessors has completely transformed AR from a tech fiction pipedream to crucial technology.

According to The Drum reports, Augmented Reality can grab people’s attention for more than 85 seconds, increase click-through rates to purchase by 33%, and improve interaction rates by 20%.

It is not a big deal if we say that businesses have realized the potential of AR as a strong marketing tool. The early adopters of technology can bring profits and revenue to their business in less time.

Also, Purch conducted a pool for smaller firms, which discloses that 10% of the marketers are using AR technology while 72% are already planning to use it in the future.

AR has become a brand differentiator as it has made your brand unique and stable for a long time. IT has offered lots of convenience and a new level of speed with enhanced brand impressions.


Let’s check how Augmented Reality helps you in marketing your business:

  1. Focus on core business strategy According to Markets and Markets research, the AR marker is predicted to achieve $117.4 billion by 2022. Irrespective of the medium you prefer, it is vital that the brand’s strategy and messaging always top your considerations in any advertising or marketing campaign.

    It shows that marketers should stay steady and innovative when it comes to bringing augmented reality into the role. Therefore, you must be focused on promoting the unmatched value of the product/service instead of the cool & latest effect.

  2. Localized promotionLocalized promotional bring huge profit opportunities to your business & build stimulation of their potential clients in localized vicinity. You can turn lots of ideas into reality that’ll be dedicated to what your clients often do around you and their searching pattern. The tourism industry is gaining huge benefits from it.
  3. Product placementsIn highly dense areas, businesses spend a significant amount on marketing and promotional activities; however, with AR, the brands are getting new trends and means of marketing for their users.

    Thus, it has become essential for big brands to become a part of such innovative technology experience in the augmented or virtual worlds. AR has offered several new ways of marketing.

  4. Allow customers to see products in real-time

    The introduction of AR technology and tools supported the eCommerce industry in different ways. As customers, you can get the chance to try the products before you buy them; it offers a highly intuitive experience to users and improves conversion rates. It also assists businesses to improve their service quality, customer experience, improve products’ visibility and increase your business revenue.

    Companies like Lego and IKEA have followed AR in their business and have achieved tremendous success. Using AR in your eCommerce business can also help you create a bridge between your customers and the eCommerce platform.

  5. Creating a whisper around your brand

    AR can act in both ways, directly and indirectly, for your online marketing strategy. Either you are launching a new product or not, you can use augmented reality technology to increase your brand awareness and reputation among your target users.

    By providing a realistic experience to your users, you can create a strong buzz around your startup and new brand. Using AR can help you offer a memorable experience of your brand to your customers.

Finally, we can say that augmented reality is playing a crucial role in transforming ways of marketing for businesses. With rapidly increasing users of tablets and smartphones, the technology is revolutionizing in a required a compelling way.
Superior software, robust apps, and superfast bandwidth are indeed going to build new wonders in different kinds of AR solutions. The motto of AR companies is to bring customers’ attention and retain their engagement with this fascinating technology which can be ultimately utilized to build zestful marketing campaigns.

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