Augmented Reality Reinvents the Business Game in 2018

Mit Shah
Image contains an illustration and text Augmented Reality Reinvents the Business Game in 2018

Virtual Reality which once formed the plot of Science Fiction Movies has now emerged in our day to day lives. The predictions are quite significant with 170 million active users worldwide of the VR products, and by 2020, the sales of these VR products will grow up to $105 billion. It is time businesses value the impact of Virtual Reality in the day to day lives of consumers so of its counterpart Augmented Reality.

Not so new fancy term, here, Augmented Reality had already become a buzz among the users when in 2016, Nintendo launched Pokémon Go, the popular favorite game with more than 100 million downloads and still increasing day by day. Augmented Reality as it name is the technology which innovatively enhances your real world by the use of interactive images and data.

The technologies AR & VR are blending the boundaries between the digital and physical world and are building an entirely new environment for the users to interact and carry out their task. While VR requires a user to wear a goggle and then immerse in an altogether different context, AR can be simply experienced by a user on his smartphone or tablet.

While the technology is 20 years old, Ronald T. Azuma coined this technology as Augmented Reality today it is available for the use of the public. Even knowing-unknowingly people are making use of Augmented Reality in their day to day lives. Recall a simple LIVE match you watched on TV, the lines on the field, the bowling assumptions, etc. all are a part of Augmented Reality.

Even there are mobile applications that let users view how an item of furniture would look in their living space without even purchasing and bringing it to their home in real. Similarly, brands like Loreal have advancingly accepted Augmented Reality in their application to show their female customers how a make-up product would look on their face without having them to try in actual.

But AR wasn’t just to be created for this, and the technology has far beyond usability which the businesses of this era must explore and implement in their methodology. While a lot of other techniques are developing and heading in this direction, businesses should soon realize the potentials of Augmented Reality.

Though at an earlier level of Augmented Reality, there were technical infrastructure limitations. For now, the technology of processors, screens and graphics cards have become more sophisticated and are delivering smooth experiences straightway on the mobile devices of numerous users.

3D Printers have improved, and they produce significant VR products. Similarly, the production of smart AR glasses is now user-friendly which have increased the widespread innovation and adoption by business of this technology. Further, users anticipate the arrival of more improved glasses with superior view quality and high battery life.

With the evolution of IoT – Internet of Things, everything is now Internet-connected, and further opens more opportunity for Augmented Reality services, products and experiences. Augmented Reality & IoT is based on and requires more advanced wireless and wireless sensor networks, robotics, smart devices, and device-to-device communication system. With the availability of these improved technicalities, the upcoming time for Augmented Reality will be more proliferated, with the users’ surroundings be more interactive, responsive, and be potential of being customized into as required environment.


While we conclude the blog here, there is a question to be pondered, in how and what ways can Augmented Reality Service Providers unfold newer avenues of businesses. What will be the industry shaping into when the lines between virtual and real-world blur out?

The takeaway from the progress of Augmented Reality is sure to be the infrastructure advancement which is undeniably going to be exceptionally superior than ever. It will make anything possible, bringing this proverb to the truth, that “imagination is the only limit.”

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