Should You Use Laravel for Your Next Web Development Project

Ruchit Patel

Should You Use Laravel for Your Next Web Development Project?

Well, this is an interesting question, and the answer lies in the fact that what does a web developer look for, in a web development framework before taking the decision on whether to use it or not?

Laravel is an ideal web development framework for creating robust and scalable web applications and that’s one of the biggest reasons that it is being widely leveraged for agile development. Being equipped with composer (a dedicated dependency manager for PHP) and modular packaging make Laravel one of the best frameworks to develop the applications that need to be developed with MVC architectural pattern. By letting the application access the relational databases in several ways, it offers greater flexibility in designing the backend of the web apps.

Not only is development easier with Laravel, but, at the same time maintaining the Laravel applications is easier. So, if you are looking for a high-performance and secure web application, it’s the right time to hire Laravel developer and get a feature-rich agile application developed.

Why Laravel Seems to Hold a Bright Future in Web Development?

  1. Artisan Command Line InterfaceOne of the most unique features offered by this PHP based web development is its Artisan CLI (Command Line Interface). Artisan CLI not only supports easy and fast development but it also uses the robust Symfony console component for crafting the applications.

    While this wonderful tool aids efficient development, it also helps in database management as well as data migrations. For developers, Artisan CLI is nothing less than a magic toolbox as it greatly eradicates the manual execution of repetitive and tedious coding tasks. Instead, one can re-use certain segments of code and thus, achieve faster time to market for the app.

    If you are looking forward to launching a secure and robust web app in a shorter time frame, you must consider to hire Laravel developer for development.

  2. MVC based Architecture to Aid Outstanding PerformanceWith MVC based architectural patterns, it becomes much easier to craft applications of any size. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive enterprise application or a small web application with limited functionality, Laravel can be leveraged in both scenarios to support efficacious development.

    Laravel is especially helpful in developing large enterprise applications, as MVC simplifies the coding structure thereby, saving the developers from dealing with unstructured code. With MVC locating the files under the logical directories becomes easier and thus, developers can control the layout and other elements of the application related to the appearance of the application in the real world. In short, MVC makes the process of developing, customizing and securing the application much efficient as compared to the other web frameworks that do not use MVC based architecture.


  3. Time Efficient Application and Web Development Having an application developed for your organization can be difficult and time consuming, but not when you leverage Laravel framework for development. Amongst the most vital factors that make Laravel an outstanding web development framework is the time efficiency that it offers in app development.

    With the powerful and lightweight Blade templating engine, the development process becomes much faster. By enabling the developers to extend layouts and data display without impacting the overall performance of the application, Blade templating engine makes Laravel a superior web development framework for creating feature-rich and alluring applications.

  4. Utmost Web Application SecurityThe most significant you’d want from a web application is paramount security. With people across the globe using web-based application to complete day to day tasks, access their financial information, complete everyday banking tasks and filling up various forms requiring confidential information, it has become more important than ever for web applications to be not only secure but also use superior ways to transmit information so that unauthorized personnel do not get access to it.

    With Laravel, the web developers find it easier to develop secure applications as it uses the “Salted Password” methodology which ensures only encrypted versions of passwords are stored in databases making it exceedingly difficult for someone to acquire that information. Also, as it uses the pre-prepared SQL statements and arranged SQL proclamations, it becomes easier to prevent any SQL injection attempts.

    Furthermore, it offers CSRF tokens which offer additional security and ensure that no POST requests get converted into GET exposing valuable and personal data online. So, if you are aiming towards building an application that would handle confidential information for users, you should consider can hire Laravel developer India to get the applications developed.

  5. Support for Comprehensive Application TestingUndoubtedly, one of the best ways to ensure that your web app delivers optimum performance and becomes a great success is by ensuring that there are no bugs or issues in it, and it is tested thoroughly to safeguard that users’ will not experience any issues while using it.

    Laravel framework offers the amazing capability to run multiple unit tests to make sure that any new changes being introduced in the application do not impact or break the app’s functionality in any way.

Also, this astounding web development framework comes equipped with capability to run the tests on two directories which give it ample coverage to test small coding segments as well as exhaustive codebases containing different objects.

With the incredible testing functionalities, it becomes easier to release stable versions of applications and thereby, contributing the quicker ROI.

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