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Posted On : 21st July, 2022 by Palak Trivedi

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library which is used for web application development. It is one of the most popular front-end development frameworks created by Jordan Walke, previously in Facebook. Many of the industry leaders utilize React JS for website and mobile app development such as Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb and Facebook.


Major Benefits of React JS:

React JS has a number of features which make it a preferred choice for software developers such as:

  1. Faster and flexible

    React JS allows building of smaller components and complex functions at the same time by different developers, making it simple to use and speedier. It further provides flexibility to the user due to its modular structure. By using Virtual DOM, the loading of webpages and sites becomes quicker, efficient, saving time and cost. The need to reload pages frequently is also eliminated with React JS.

  2. Reusability

    React JS facilitates reusing and recycling of codes for creating user interfaces for websites and apps. Instead of rewriting all codes from scratch, users can take the help of React library resource where developers have previously provided required codes and work on top of it. Thus, making it time and cost efficient. It also ensures that time to market reduces considerably with React JS.

  3. Easier debugging

    React JS provides separation of components which makes it easier to debug applications and find any errors in the coding. React developers can undertake testing and fix the bugs faster. Peer-reviewed codes also ensure reduced errors.

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  5. Scalability

    React JS’s enables scalability of UI elements and applications, supported by a plethora of add-on features which improve productivity and functionality.

  6. Interactive extensions

    Extensions such as JSX allows addition of interactive dynamic content to the webpage layout which enhances the user experience. Developers can utilize such Javascript extensions for improving creativity.

  7. Supportive community

    React JS community is a supportive group of web developers and designers who can provide their expertise to other developers. One can ask any queries and doubts on available forums which is beneficial for beginners and professionals as well.

  8. Mobile development

    Mobile application development has become smoother and easier with React Native and React JS, for Android and IOS apps both. Almost all the benefits of website can be replicated in smartphones and tablets along with its dynamic elements.


Reasons to choose React JS for your projects

React JS has been the preferred choice for web developers for their projects and should be your pick too, due to reasons mentioned below:


Faster learning curve

It is easy to learn and implement with a cleaner and easily comprehensible code. React JS allows rapid workflow development due to its lightweight API, making the learning process simple and straightforward.


Cross-platform applicability

Knowing React JS provides the convenience of understanding only one technology thoroughly, reusing and applying the information across multiple platforms. Developers can build apps, websites, incorporate high-end technologies like Virtual Reality and undertake desktop development with ease under the same guidelines.


Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)

VDOM provide the benefit of analyzing the best possible manner of applying new changes efficiently without requiring numerous updates. Thus, reducing the update frequency also boosts productivity. Due to being virtual, the usual disadvantages of DOM are also removed such as slow speed and high resource consumption. This improves the overall performance of applications.


Stable data flow

Making certain modifications in a component can have drastic effects on other components due to the ‘Component Tree’ structure of DOM. A virtual DOM enables prior testing of all the changes on itself first which helps is risk assessment and guides to take further action. At the same time, if a designer makes changes to a certain object, modifications and updates pertaining to only that subject have to be made, not affecting the overall structure. This helps in stable data flow and code structure.


High quality user interface

High quality GUIs have become an important requirement for users across the globe, which makes or breaks user experience. Therefore, React JS helps in building good quality applications.



Writing your own customized components becomes possible with React JS. JSX extension allows rendering of subcomponents along with HTML conversions. Flux-based software architecture and Redux facilities are added advantages for creating powerful web applications.


Advanced development tools

React JS comes with a set of extensive tools and technical resources such as React Development tools and Redux or Chrome development tools, which provide convenience of use, inspection capability and aid in monitoring actions or changes. Thus, React JS enables observation of component hierarchies and application.


Faster rendering

A fast-rendering speed assisted with faster page loading time helps in search engine optimization (SEO) where it can help web pages to rank higher on various search engines.


Existing templates

Using existing template designs and easy design modules aids developers to save energy and time in web development. Clear, easy and crisp designs provide a test friendly environment. It improves functionality with adequate supervision.


Backed by Facebook

Professionals working on software systems of Facebook ardently support utilizing React JS for web development. Their insights and expertise regarding React JS is well researched and tested which increases its credibility and trustworthiness.


Industry leadership

React JS is the choice for many established companies for mobile and web development such as Walmart and Tesla, for mobile apps and The New Yorker, Shopify, NASA and Paypal for website management. Thus, enterprises using React JS and React Native lead by example in the software industry for front-end development.



React JS provides a secure networking environment where the abstraction layer prevents giving out of integral internal functioning and data to the user.



React JS provides a number of advantages compared to Vue and Angular, giving a smooth user experience for novices and experts alike. It creates an interactive environment through infographics, slideshows and gifs. With the rising demand for interactive and dynamic features for applications, the popularity and need for React developers will only increase with time.