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Posted On : 19th July, 2022 by Palak Trivedi

React Native/ React.js or simply React are popular JavaScript libraries which help in creating GUI web applications and undertaking front-end web development. An aspiring React developer in 2022 can become proficient with a good foundation of basics and building over it. Instagram, Uber, Netflix and Linked In are some of the industry leaders who are using React for web development.

React developers work with designers, testers and engineers very closely in order to develop a strong application by providing their expertise.


Explained below is a guided roadmap with essential skills required to become the next successful react developer:

  1. Build your foundation

    The basics of JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML
    (Hypertext Markup Language) must be learnt to build a strong foundation. The developer must have adequate knowledge of these frameworks to construct web page structures through HTML, create stylish web pages using CSS and make it interactive utilizing JavaScript. This will further aid in understanding React holistically.

  2. Skill development

    Web development requires certain skills such as understanding HTTPs protocol and request methods, knowledge of GitHub, algorithms, terminal, data structure and basic design patterns. These are essential to foremost becoming a developer, then a React developer. Command over design and configuration patterns aid in having a solution-oriented approach towards web development.

  3. Master React

    Learning the fundamentals of React are important to become a React.js developer and designer. The React official website can be the perfect guide for beginners and experts alike.

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  5. Learn styling functions

    Learning styling for front-end development, Bootstrap, Materialize, CSS framework and architecture can be valuable assets for React developers. It would make designing easier and faster.

  6. Understanding tools and resources

    A professional React developer knows how to utilize the available tools and resources efficiently such as debugging and build tools. Some of them are – gulp, Webpack, npm and pnpm. Knowledge of a few resources can go a long way in mastering React framework.

  7. Type checking

    Type checking the entire application enables catching the bugs in the system and certain Javascript extensions like Typescript help in targeting the bugs. Built-in type checking facility is also available with React which is an added advantage. This prevents any possibility of type errors and mishaps. Other options are Stream and Proptypes, to name a few.

  8. Studying various frameworks and form helpers

    An aspirant must study different Frameworks such as Redux, Helpers, Rematch and Reselect and understand the basic concepts. This aids in management of form state and structure dynamics using Redux Form, Formsy and MobX etc. Thus, these are also known as Form Helpers.

  9. Using React Routers

    Navigation and steering functions become easier with React Routers. The routing components and modules enable URL bookmarking or even navigating through React Native. Other similar examples are- Revival First Router, Arrive at router and Router5.

  10. Application Programming interface

    A number of API clients are serviceable to React developers such as SuperAgent and Fetch under REST, Relay and Apollo under GraphQL etc. It helps in smoother management and building of user interfaces along with establishing client applications.

  11. Library resource management

    Utility libraries such as Moment, Numeral and Lodash make the work of React developers simpler and hassle-free. Utilizing the library resource reduces the time spent on building everything from scratch.

  12. Testing abilities

    This is an integral skill which enables investigation of errors and issues in the coding with the help of libraries which assist in testing. It basically involves three types such as – Integration testing, Unit testing and End-to-End testing. Certain libraries which support testing are- Chai, Karma, Enzyme, Mocha, Cucumber.js and Nightwatch.js.

  13. International compatibility

    There is a need for front-end development which is compatible across the world such as European and Asian nations. Thus, frameworks like React Intl help in formatting dates, translations, strings and manipulating local GUIs to support internationalization.

  14. Generation of static websites

    Static web generators like Gatsby.js aid in creating stable personalized webpages. The developer can create organized HTML based web pages by collating existing data with JavaScript.

  15. Combining back-end and front-end frameworks

    A combination of both frameworks using the likes of React on Rails, provides an overall web development experience.

  16. Desktop and Mobile applications

    React Native is gaining popularity in the arena of mobile application development utilizing JavaScript, providing the native interface. Thus, learning Cordova, Phone Gap and React Native are beneficial for those who wish to create a career in software, mobile or web development. In case of need for further knowledge advancement, extensive libraries like Proton Native and React Native windows can also be used to develop desktop GUIs.

  17. Application in Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality based applications are the future of gaming, medicine and communication in general. Thus, React 360 is a good option if web developers aim to explore virtual reality frameworks.

  18. Learning server-side Rendering

    Rogue and Next.js are efficient for server-side rendering where various components of React are rendered onto the server followed by output delivery to the client in HTML. Thus, an understanding of basics of these server-side rendering feature can prove as an important skill.


Is it worth learning React in 2022?

React developers are in demand today, providing good salary and growth and their need is only rising with changing times. It is one of the most popular frameworks in the industry with almost a third of the web developers depending on React for their functioning. It not only saves time and money but is also easy to use and scale, making React the future of web and networking. Thus, it is definitely worth learning React in 2022.



With the above-mentioned steps, we have tried to comprehensively cover the entire roadmap to make your journey towards becoming a React developer a bit clearer and more organized. React is flexible, SEO friendly, having a strong community support and which boosts overall productivity. Thus, a career in React development provides flexibility, chance to display creativity and continuously learn new technologies.