Benefits of ReactJS: Top 10 Reasons to Choose It

Palak Trivedi

React JS, a member of the JavaScript family was launched in 2013 by a former Facebook employee, named Jordan Walke. It is one of the best JavaScript libraries used for developing the front-end of the apps. As of now, Facebook and the developer community maintain it. Ever since its launch, many big companies prefer to use it for front-end development of their apps. According to Google reports, it has become more popular than Angular and Vue. Top companies such as Netflix, Uber eats, Airbnb, Facebook, and many more are using React JS. Approximately, more than thirty thousand websites have been developed so far with this JavaScript library.

It is an efficient open-source library with which you can build front-end web apps faster. With React JS, you can create an application with greater flexibility and comprehensive abilities. So, if you want to develop a web app for your business, you can Hire React JS developer India. Hire someone who understands the needs of your project and can deliver it successfully. You must be wondering, what is so special about React JS that everyone wants to develop their websites using it. With all the top companies using it, you can be sure that React JS offers some extraordinary benefits.

In this blog, we will look at the top ten reasons for choosing React JS for front-end development.

  1. It is so simple to learn & use.

    As compared to other frameworks such as Angular and Vue, it is much easier for a developer to learn React JS. If you are already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JS then learning React JS is even easier. That is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The lesser time a developer spends in learning a framework, the faster the front-end development. It is a human tendency to find an easy way to do things. Due to the robustness and simplicity of React JS, top companies favor it over other JavaScript frameworks.

  2. SEO friendly.

    In today’s age, SEO (Search engine optimization) is vital for your online success. Applications which take a lot of time to load will rank lower on Google. For ranking in Google searches, you need to improve the loading and rendering speed of your application. React JS has a fast rendering speed as compared to the other JavaScript frameworks. It reduces the load time of the app, helping it rank higher in Google searches.

    React JS is capable of handling problems such as incompetency in reading JavaScript high volume applications. That is why you should go for React JS.

  3. Good stability.

    When it comes to React JS, it is more stable as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. That is because it uses just the downward data flow. The modifications in the child structure do not affect the parent structure at all. A React JS developer wanting to change an object will have to change the state and make the necessary changes. Only after that, the developer can go ahead with updating. That ensures a stable code which enhances the performance of the application.

  4. Valuable developer toolset.

    Using the latest technologies for real-world applications is advantageous if done accurately. For leveraging latest technologies, Facebook has added React & Chrome dev tools to the React JS framework.

    Following are the advantages of these tools:

    • Help identify parent-child elements
    • Watch component hierarchies
    • Examine the elements’ present state & props


  5. Great community assistance.

    React JS has a strong community that can assist the developers if they get stuck anywhere. Experienced developers often help out the beginners by answering their queries on the Question & Answers sites such as Stack Overflow. These experienced community members provide reliable solutions. They also contribute towards making React JS a more stable & better framework for front-end development. Also, the experts upload many free tutorials and in detail resources online to help beginners. There are about 1331 active community members who regularly contribute to the community.

    Also, React JS is currently backed by Facebook and Instagram which gives it an added advantage.

  6. It provides for writing custom components.

    React JS comes with a free extension called JSX which is useful for developing tailor-made top-class apps. It also simplifies the conversion of HTML mock-ups into React Element trees. Using JSX with React JS, you can write your components and these components take HTML quoting. Also, it gives the sub component rendering a pleasant experience to the developers.

  7. React JS is updated periodically.

    This JavaScript framework has the benefit of being maintained by Facebook. Facebook updates it regularly. Also, it has a large community that keeps giving suggestions and solutions to Facebook about anything related to React JS. The update takes care of all the glitches and bugs which exist in the framework. That is helpful for the developers as it saves their time and they can focus on the main task of app development.

  8. Mobile-friendly.

    Are you wondering if you can use React for mobile app development?

    Well, with React, a developer can develop a UI native mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems. The base-level code is the same for both the mobile operating systems. The framework of React is truly great for developing mobile applications. You can use this framework on an existing app or build a new app right from scratch.

  9. Runtime performance.

    In case of React JS, each time you modify a component, re-render gets triggered. You can avoid that by adopting Pure Components. During rendering, React JS lets you track the dependencies automatically. This implies that the system is aware of all the components that need re-rendering following the state change. React JS does not slow down. That is due to the dependency tracking method that utilities an async queuing.

    It is necessary to have in place a framework right from the start when you build a complex and high-end application. Since, the Document Object Model has a tree structure, even a small change at the higher level will affect the UI of an app. To avoid this, Facebook brought in a virtual Document Object Model feature that lets the developers test changes and determine the risks associated with those changes. Thus, app performance is not affected.

  10. Best user interface.

    People prefer an application that has a user-friendly interface. A poorly built app with a not so great user interface will make you lose your potential customers. Generally, the failure or success of any applications depends on the user interface. If you want to develop a successful app for your brand/business, React JS developer for the front-end. A good React JS developer can help you develop a user-friendly interface essential for any app to last and succeed in today’s highly competitive market. With React JS, developers build applications that provide a great experience to its users.

These are the top ten reasons for you to choose React JS over other JavaScript frameworks. Now that you read the reasons for choosing React JS over other JavaScript frameworks, we believe that you know why it is a great front-end framework. Due to the mentioned points, it can get the title of the bestseller.

We have a team of experts who can help you develop the best front-end framework of your app for you with React JS. Let us take care of your app development while you focus on your core business. Get in touch with us now to Hire React js developer.

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