Unity 3D is a game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Thousands of games have been made with its help so far. Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system with a 76% market share. More than half of all the games on the Play Store have been developed on the unity3d platform. There must be such a special thing in this platform that every developer wants to do their project on it.

It is the most well-known development platform for creating mobile applications. With its help, any type of difficult simulation game, driving game, and any other type of game can be made. Android game development is a huge market in itself today. If someone today decides to go into the field of Android game development, then it will be a very good decision. There is still a lot of growth to be done in this area.

Today we will tell you about 10 such popular games which have been developed using the unity3d platform. So that you can enjoy them by playing these games:

Top 10 android games built with unity 3d

Here’s a list of the top 10 Android games that were built using Unity 3D, a popular game development engine:

Shadow Fight 3

This game started as a Flash-based Facebook game but gradually as its popularity increased, its updated version also came for the convenience of the people. Looking at its progress, gradually the company decided to release its Android version, which proved to be a great decision. Today the third version of this game has arrived, which is very much liked by the people.

The game is based on fighting, with a variety of levels and a variety of engaging features for entertainment. High-level graphics were present in this game from the beginning, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. From the beginning till now it is built on the unity3d platform only. You must try this game once; you will fall in love with its graphics.

Alto’s Adventure

The video game was created by a small organization called Snowman and distributed by Noodle Cake Studios. Initially, it was made for iOS users but gradually it also attracted the attention of Android users.

Because the Android user base is huge, it became popular very fast. This is a snowboarding game in which you will get to feel the artistic element amazingly.


This is such a great game that it seems like rocket science. To some extent this is true, but in reality, it is not. This game allows you to play with gravity, hence this name is given. This game asks you to launch small and colorful planets around the black hole.

This digital experience allows tasks to be effortlessly completed without the constraints of gravity or planetary collisions. Crafted with advanced algorithms, this game ensures your survival throughout. You can continue to explore and enjoy as long as you opt to stay within the current level.


From the name, would you think that this is a game or a medical treatment? But it’s really just a game. This game is based on two sisters Blue and Red. The game starts with a dark enchanting room. This game is based on the story of how the red sister has to help her blue sister. Hearing this, you might feel that its story is very difficult, which is not so easy to understand.

But when you start playing this game, you will find that it is an interesting game that you can understand very easily, and you will also enjoy playing it. If you also want to be mentally refreshed after taking a break from your work, then you can play this game.


It is a strategy game that revolves around the medieval monarchy. There are some characters in this game who must make decisions and consequently we also get to see the results. Your role is that you have to help them all to make decisions. You have to make decisions wisely and by swiping you can implement your decision.

After some time, the results are presented to you as a result of this. This is a type of strategy game in which your brain is used. If you like to play games like chess, then you will definitely like this strategy game too.

Crossy Road

Published by Hipster Whale, this game is available to play for free. It has more than 10 crore downloads and is increasing continuously. Its gameplay is very simple, you have to cross the road in this game. The challenge in this is that there is no end to the road and as you go further you will find more difficult challenges in this road.

You have to go safe while avoiding them all. It has more than 200 characters and you can play this game even with multiplayer. The development and platform of this game are also Unity 3d.

Hitman Sniper

This is a Single Player Shooting Game published by Square Enix. As the trend of the game is increasing, many types of games are becoming available to us. But in the early stages, it was the only three games with more than 10 million users actively playing it. However, now there are many such games, whose figure has increased many times more than this.

Its gameplay is very simple, all you have to do is kick and earn points. However, with different kicks, you can earn different types of points. According to the estimate, its revenue is $ 50000 monthly. If you are also willing to play shooter games, then you must try this game.

ShadowGun: DeadZone

As the name suggests, it is a shooter game. You can play this game with 12 multiplayer. It has 10 customizable characters, great animations, and graphics. There are also many types of weapons available in it, which you can change and use according to your convenience.

This type of game is very much in vogue these days. If you also like to play shooter games, then you can enjoy this game with multi-players. The game has more than 1 crore installs so far and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Escape Plan

This game was first released by Sony in 2012. In 2013, we also got to see this on PlayStation 4. This is a black and white game in which a lot of puzzles have been given. In this, the player has to help two characters who are in the same room.

Going into the room is equivalent to inviting death if it is not executed with the right strategy. The interface of this game is very attractive. This is an addictive game, if you have played it once, you will want to play it again and again.


Once upon a time, Blizzard was known only for their PC games, but the mobile gaming area was untouched by them. Blizzard had taken their already beloved Warcraft universe and applied it to a brand-new platform with ease. Hearthstone is easy to learn and challenging to master, which makes it more intriguing to play.

Blizzard may have been late for the mobile gaming bandwagon, but they proved they could hold their own with Hearthstone. They created a game that will be remembered for years, setting the standard for collectible card battle games on mobile devices with the magic of the Warcraft universe and the power of Unity.

How to develop android games with unity 3d

To develop your Android game built with Unity, you should follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Unity
  2. Create a new project
  3. Add assets to your project
  4. Build your game for Android
  5. Test your game on Android device
  6. Publish your game to the Google Play Store

By following these steps, you can develop and publish your Android games using Unity.

Advantages of using unity 3d for android game development

Why do game developers prefer to use Unity 3D for Android game development? There are a few advantages to answering this question: –

Compatibility across platforms: Unity 3D is a game engine that works across multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and more, allowing developers to create games that can reach a wider audience.

User-friendly interface: Unity 3D has an intuitive interface that’s easy to use, even for beginners. Moreover, a wide community of developers can help and advice.

Powerful tools: Unity 3D provides a comprehensive range of tools that helps developers to create games of any complexity, style, or genre, including physics engines, animation tools, audio tools, and many others.

Versatility: Unity 3D is highly customizable so that developers can create unique and innovative games of any genre, style, or complexity. Hence, it’s an excellent choice for indie developers.

How much does it cost to develop games in unity 3d?

The cost of developing a game in Unity 3d varies depending on different factors such as the complexity of the games, number of the features, and the experience of the developers. But usually, it ranges from $20,000 to $300,000 for a basic one and it can extend to $1 million.

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We told you 10 such mobile games that have been made using unity3d. Although there are many such games that are being developed using the unity3d platform. According to statistics, more than half the games on the Play Store have been made using this platform. If you also want to make a career in the field of game development or want to get game development done, then you can contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Unity is a game engine platform used to create a variety of games. Some popular games built with Unity3D are AmongUs, Cuphead, Ori and the blind forest, etc.

Yes, you can sell games made with Unity for free, but it depends on the licensing terms and conditions of the Unity engine you are using. There are many different licenses available, and some of them may require you to pay a certain fee or share a percentage of your revenue with Unity.

The exact number of games made with Unity is difficult to estimate, but it is safe to say that there are many thousands of Unity games available across multiple platforms and genres.

Unity has been used to create a wide variety of games, ranging from small indie titles to large-scale AAA games. Some notable examples include Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead, Hearthstone, Monument Valley, and Rust.

Making a 3D game in Unity requires technical expertise and knowledge of the Unity engine. You will need to understand concepts like game objects, components, assets, and scripting.