With the advances in gaming technology, the real-time response, graphics, animation and other parameters have also advanced. Many competitors in the market are trying to get more users to use their game development platforms to build games. Unity3D, developed by Unity Technologies, is one such game engine.

It is a most popular game development engine cum editor used by game developers around the globe. You can create video games and simulation for personal computers, websites and mobiles using Unity3D. Even though the name is Unity 3D, it still has tools for developing a 2D game. Game developers favour it, as it comes with a set of powerful animation tools to create their choice of 3D cutscenes/animations.

Unity is a fusion of three things, namely; game engine, IDE and a code editor. With the game design ready, you input the graphics and animations in the IDE. Then you put code in the code editor to generate a game that runs in multiple environments.The ability to run in multi-environments is one of the features of Unity3D. Thus, a game developed by Unity 3D can run similarly on iPad and Windows.

Unity has been around for about 16 years now and has been updating ever since. It has a massive user base and a lot of resources. Easy documentation and tutorials are helpful for beginners. Also, it has a good community base online. That is one of the reasons why beginners start with Unity3D.

About 34% free games on Google Play and Apple Play store, have been developed by Unity. Using Unity3D game engine, game developers have created games that have about 500+ gamers across the globe. This number is increasing every year.


You may wonder as to what is so great about Unity3D. In this blog, we understand how Unity3D became a Game-Development Beast. The following advantages will explain why Unity3D is so popular among programmers and artists.

  1. Cross-platform features Unity3D makes it possible for game developers to build, manage and deploy games across multiple platforms. Using Unity3D, developers can provide over twenty-five different platforms across smartphones, personal computers, AR, VR and many more. Due to this flexibility, game developers choose Unity3D for building their games.
  2. Effective and reliable Based on a 2018 report, Unity technologies and its game engine Unity3D had 40% market share in mobile gaming, developed using Unity3D game engine. It had about 60% market share in AR and VR. Thus, you can see how a majority of game developers go for it. It also shows how reliable and effecting this game development platform is.
  3. Great features Unity3D comes with a great set of features, like play mode, good visual quality, high definition audio, smooth frame rate, timeline story tools, flexible animation system, advanced memory profiling and so many more. TAll these features make Unity3D a powerful tool for creating games. It is like a whole package for game development.
  4. Multiple rendering Unity3D being one of the best game development engines has won several awards for game rendering and deployment. It is good with both 2D and 3D rendering models.
  5. Play mode This feature lets the developer do iterative editing. The developer can test and see if the game is functioning in the right manner or not. If there are any bugs or glitches, the developer can pause the game and fix it. By using Play Plus Mode, the developer can attain frame to frame referencing.
  6. Developer community Unity3D has an online community that provides all the developers a common platform to share their ideas and suggestions. These ideas help improve the system. It also helps the new users of Unity3D get help from other developers.
  7. Multiplayer systems Unity 3D platform provides an easy way to build real-time multiplayer games. Using this platform, developers can customize the game faster. This platform enables you to develop multiplayer games that make use of matchmakers and relay servers.
  8. Great visual experience Unity3D provides a great platform to create games with good visuals. As compared to other platforms, Unity is less complicated and easy when it comes to its application.
  9. Analytics Unity3D comes with inbuilt analytics that any user can see in the editor. Analytics lets you discover insights about the game that enables you to develop a better one.
  10. Affordable license The free version of Unity3D has many features, but the Pro version has an advanced set of features. Depending on the number and types of features you need, the price can go up to a few million dollars. Though Unity3D is the most preferred game development platform, it is still available at an affordable price.
  11. Beginner-friendly Unity3D is designed in such a manner that it is easier for users to learn it. Along with that, users have access to tutorials, resources and documentation which helps them use the Unity3D platform for game development. The presence of an online community lets them clear their doubts.
  12. Coding in multiple languages With Unity3D, you can use any language for coding, like, C#, JavaScript and BOO. You can use any of these three languages for coding in Unity3D.
  13. Asset store It has a lot of pre-designed assets in its asset stores. This asset store enables users to buy assets as per their needs.

Due to the mentioned advantages, unity3D has become a Game-Development beast. It is an all-in-one package for game developers to build the best games. They can import games developed from other platforms which reduce their work on redoing certain things. There is no doubt that all these features make Unity3D stand out amongst its competitors.

It is a very user-friendly platform which lets users build games with flexibility. Unity is a good game development engines that make it easy to build games, especially for beginners. It will help you be a better game developer. If you want to create a game with the best graphics, visuals and so on, Hire Unity3d Developer, Hire Unity3d Developer India now.

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