Immersive Experiences meets Success: A Showcase of our Immersive Solutions Projects

Mit Shah

Game Engine has gained immense popularity in recent years. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Game Engine has become the go-to choice for both professional game developers and aspiring enthusiasts.

Basic Overview of Game Engine

It allows developers to create interactive and immersive experiences across various platforms, including PC, console, mobile, and virtual reality. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of pre-built assets, Immersive Solutions simplifies the process of designing and prototyping games.

Its robust scripting language, C#, enables developers to create complex gameplay mechanics and AI systems.

Additionally, Immersive Solutions offers a range of tools for graphics rendering, physics simulation, and audio implementation, making it a comprehensive solution for game development.

Latest Trends in Immersive Solutions

During 2022, the game development industry demonstrated “resilience and strength” by focusing on efficiency, optimization, and post-launch efforts. Efficiency proved to be critical, with smaller studios shipping games quickly and working fewer hours.

In fact, 62% of indie studios shipped games in less than a year. Additionally, smaller studios worked an average of 1.2% fewer hours, which amounts to a total of five years of work hours.

There are several trends shaping the gaming industry.

  • Firstly, indies are shipping games quickly and developers are working fewer hours.
  • Secondly, studios are starting more mobile-only games compared to 2021.
  • Thirdly, large studios are increasing the number of multiplatform games. Furthermore, more people are playing mobile games than in 2021

The report draws on data from over 230,000 Game Engine developers and adds data spanning over 423,000 developers on multiple platforms.

Team Leader Quote

We understand the importance of transparent and efficient communication channels among team members and stakeholders. Over the past few months, we have undertaken numerous projects, each with its own unique set of challenges and complexities. Despite the hurdles, our Immersive Solutions Development team displayed unwavering resilience, adaptability, and an unrelenting commitment to delivering exceptional results. By creating a collaborative and supportive environment, we are aligning efforts, and knowledge, and leveraging each other’s strengths, which is driving productivity to new heights.

Mit Shah, Immersive Solutions and Python Team Leader

Some of the Top Immersive Solutions Projects we’ve Worked on

Some of the Top projects that our team has worked on with Immersive Solutions.

Real Assist

Real Assist is an AR-based Remote Assistance Application

ViitorCloud provided an AR-based Remote Assistant Application. Real Assist connects on-site engineers and subject matter experts from their devices and subject matter experts can easily guide site engineers using 3D AR annotations to resolve their problems.

This solution from ViitorCloud was provided so that when any machines break down while the engineers are working on remote sites; subject matter experts don’t have to travel physically to the location to provide support and can easily guide virtually.

This eventually saves Travelling costs, saving time by not waiting for experts to arrive at the locations.

  • Industry: Architecture, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, Education
  • Country: India
  • Technology: Immersive Technology, Node, React


Sutra is a Geo Dataset-based immersive and interactive platform which is used for defense and high-risk industries for planning and motoring, and it also allows real-time communications.

Sutra offers various use cases such as;

  • Virtual Sand Models for Defense Planning
  • Integrated Planning and Decision Making
  • Disaster Response
  • Training and Simulations
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Advance Tagging Control

Sutra can Host online multiuser VR meetings sessions, voice-enabled multi-user and interactive brainstorming sessions and seminars for collaboration and decision-making in VR, Multiuser Interactive geo referencing for VR, and also can Configure and Load Geo reference 3D models to interact in multi-user environments.

Sutra was presented and validated during defense expo 2020 – it received good response and feedback from end users

  • Industry: Defense
  • Country: India
  • Technology: Immersive Technology

AI Pattern Search

The Interactive Pattern Search project aims to revolutionize the way users explore paintings in a museum. This innovative project harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and interactive technology to provide a unique search experience for museum visitors.

The project centers around an interactive TV screen placed within the museum. Users are invited to engage with the artwork in an entirely new way by drawing shapes directly on the screen. These shapes serve as search queries, enabling users to uncover paintings that match their artistic preferences and interests.

Key Features of this project are Shape-Based Search, AI-powered detection, Customized Experience, Real-Time Response, and Enhanced Museum Engagement.

  • Industry: Museum
  • Country: India
  • Technology: Immersive Technology, AI, ML, Node


SoReal is a game-changing digital platform for real estate agents. It offers an immersive view of properties through 3D models and Virtual Reality. It allows users to explore all the sides of properties from various angles and customize the property according to the changes they want in wall colors, furniture styles, and more.

SoReal is designed in such a way that it provides a seamless viewing experience on different platforms such as Tablet, TV, and CRM/API platforms. And it also allows side-by-side property comparisons, to help users in choosing their ideal property.

SoReal will transform the real estate market, helping homebuyers and agents make informed decisions and create their desired living spaces.

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Country: India
  • Technology: Immersive Technology, NodeJS

Real Immerse

Real Immerse is an immersive platform that allows seamless online collaboration, interaction, and offline experiences.

Users can sign up, create avatars, and interact with others with its 3D immersion which creates realistic environments. It also facilitates product demonstrations, sales, and customer support on a single platform.

Additionally, the platform incorporates interactive games and storytelling to improve creativity and problem-solving skills. Features include real-time simulations, chat and reactions, user and role management, personalized avatars, seamless navigation, and audio/video calls for enhanced team engagement. The platform’s focus is on providing an immersive and interactive experience for users.

  • Industry: Education, Learning and Development, Automotive, Healthcare, Real Estate, Tourism, Entertainment, Events, Conferences and Meetings
  • Country: India
  • Technology: Immersive Technology, Node, React

ViitorCloud in Collaboration with Immersive Solutions

ViitorCloud has been in the global market for 11 years and it offers high-quality digital solutions for various projects.

Immersive Solution team

ViitorCloud has worked with different clients across a range of industries, including Fortune 50 companies, startups, and governments, and delivered innovative technology solutions. The company has offices in India, the US, and Mauritius and serves customers around the world.

With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of tools, Immersive Solutions enables the creation of games, simulations, and visualizations with ease. It supports a wide range of platforms, including desktop, mobile, and virtual reality, making it accessible to developers and users alike.

Immersive Solutions Portfolio in the Quarterly Meet-up

In the recent Quarterly Meet Up Event, our Immersive Solutions Team made sure to drop the charm of an immersive world and showcase their best skills to everyone.

The event also provided an opportunity for our artists to interact with the audience and share their insights and experiences about Immersive Solutions Portfolio. They generously shared their creative process, the challenges they faced, and the techniques they employed to bring their ideas to life.

The Quarterly Meet Up Event not only showcased the incredible talent within our team but also served as a platform to celebrate the power of Immersive Solutions Projects in various industries.

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  2. Impressive work, Immersive Solutions! Your innovative projects are changing the game in industries like real estate and museums.

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