The benefits of Gaming in Education: the Build A World case

Mit Shah

Nowadays the trend of the game is increasing very fast. The gaming industry has developed a lot in the last 5 years. There is a special attraction towards gaming in children and almost every third person is crazy about gaming today. But, there has always been such a feeling in the minds of people for the game that by playing the game, children will become angry, their physical activity will be reduced completely. Due to this, their health can also be affected and many other disadvantages can also be caused by gaming. But it has been claimed in many studies that playing games sitting at home is beneficial for you in many ways. It enhances your critical thinking and analytical thinking. And helps you in decision making immediately. So let’s know about it in more detail today and find out whether playing the game is beneficial or harmful.

You must have seen that nowadays everyone is playing games on mobile or by using a laptop and PlayStation. This means that the trend of the game is very high and the love for the game is also very high. Although parents do not encourage children to play more games and they are also very upset about it. But today we are going to tell you about some of the benefits that you get from playing the game. Although this reduces your physical activity completely, the other benefits you get are amazing.

The social and psychological benefits of gaming

Playing education gaming helps you a lot in your learning. Generally, children who play educational video games get a lot of help in learning algebra, biology, computer programming, etc. Simulation games improve the soft skills of children. This fills self-esteem in children and also develops the skills of leadership and socialization.

Let’s go a step ahead and try to find out how we can achieve our learning through games. Let’s know about, If teachers start teaching children through games in the classroom, then what can be its benefits:

  1. Gaming is a social activity

    The game encourages children to play together. There are some games in which some people have to play as a team. Such games help children to make better communication. If their communication is good then only they will be able to build a better relationship with their team. It motivates the children to achieve the goal and also develop their physical and internal development.


  2. Gaming improves critical thinking

    While playing games, children have to work a lot on critical thinking. Unknowingly, childrens’ critical thinking becomes very brilliant. And they have to guess in advance in the game what will be the result of the choice I make. Keeping the result in mind, when they take the necessary steps, then they have to do this work thoughtfully. This develops his critical thinking, which later proves to be beneficial for him in many ways.

  3. Gaming teaches technical skills

    Children who play games can soon become interested in technical skills. Technical skills such as learning coding, and research to find out the reason behind the moments in the game are included. If the game is implemented in the field of education, then an even more engaging environment can be created. Which will be beneficial for both the teacher and the student and will help in all-around development.

  4. Benefits of learning through this video game

    Nowadays many such video games have come which are educational. With their help, you can learn a lot while playing. If you pay attention to playing such a game, then soon you can learn a lot only with playing game. We should follow the approach of learning with the help of games like this. It is also fun and it is easy to understand. Let us know about some of the benefits that we have on learning with the help of games:

    1. Students will have a video presentation to see how to build and use a nuclear reactor.
    2. Students will enjoy learning and soon they will understand the whole concept.
    3. Students will be able to learn more engagingly, and there will be no chance of getting bored.
    4. With the help of this, they will be helped in visualization and analytical thinking.
    5. When they fall through the visuals, they will feel that whatever they are reading is in front of them. This will make them easier to understand.
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