4 OTT (Over-the-Top) Service Challenges Solved with AI

Vishal Patel

With the rapid expansion of technology, a lot of things have changed, so we have started using the OTT platform even more. Artificial intelligence together with the OTT platform has solved many of their problems, which has also benefited them a lot. Rapidly growing technology and artificial intelligence are taking entry into our daily life. After a few years, we will see that Artificial Intelligence is being used almost everywhere.

OTP means over-the-top. Many platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. are called OTT platforms. The OTT platforms are using artificial intelligence to understand the behavior of their customers in an even smarter way. And as a result of their behavior, services are being given to them. Customers are also satisfied with this and OTT companies are also benefiting.

The 4 Biggest Problems of the OTT Platform

The rise of Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment content. However, like any technological advancement, OTT platforms come with their fair share of challenges. Here are the four biggest problems faced by OTT platforms:

Manage video ads

If an OTT platform supports Ads then artificial intelligence can be very beneficial. There are many such OTT platforms on which we get to see ads. But how to insert the ad in it is a challenging task. The ad should be shown in such a way and at such a place where the customer does not have much trouble. Artificial intelligence helps a lot in this.

Through artificial intelligence, the ad can be inserted smartly by automatically understanding the color, lighting, and semantics of the scenes from the video frame. For this, such software is also available, through which one can find out in which part of the video the ad has been inserted. This can be done with the help of software based on artificial intelligence.

With the help of this software, it helps you to show the right ad at the right place. For example, if you want to show the ad for a car, then it will be even better if there is a thrilling scene playing in the background. The support of the software is done automatically and you get ad placement at the best possible location.

Organizing Metadata in Content Workflow

Whatever is being seen by any person on the OTT platform has metadata. Different information about what is being shown to you on the screen, which is used by artificial intelligence. This metadata is very beneficial for artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence analyzes the scene going on in the frame and it accordingly channelizes the next content for you. That is, when you stop watching this video, then you get the next video related to it. With this, he can understand the behavior of the customer and the customer starts spending more and more time on the OTT platform.

Artificial Intelligence understands the behavior of the customer in a way and tries to show the content of his choice with him. Which is true to a large extent or rather almost right all the time. For example, if you are watching some gaming or racing-related content, then you will also get the next recommendation based on that. If you like to watch something scary, then you will keep getting further recommendations according to your history.


Quality Control and Automated Content Optimization

To do quality control, Artificial Intelligence works many times more reliably and faster than doing it manually. It automatically detects what is being shown in the video and gives an alert based on that. If we have to make some content for a specific age or have to apply age restrictions, then we can do it very easily through artificial intelligence.

through artificial intelligence, unwanted elements such as smoking nudity, etc. can be easily detected automatically. And due to automatic moderation, it may also change. Overall, there can be no better option than Artificial Intelligence to control the quality.

Personalized approach to the audience

The data of each viewer is analyzed separately by artificial intelligence. To give the best experience, data is recommended to each viewer according to their history and behavior. Each person is followed by a personalized approach, which is powered by AI.

Artificial intelligence is so intelligent that it automatically detects what you like to watch. Although he needs some of your history and metadata to do this, after that he does this work for you very well. This is very beneficial for the OTT platform because the user spends a lot of time on the platform.

If you are worried that which movie or web series you would like to watch on the OTT platform this evening, then do not panic, Artificial Intelligence will recommend something to you that you will also like. It is possible only with the help of Artificial Intelligence that such good content recommendation is available.


By now you have come to know very well how helpful Artificial Intelligence proves to be. With the advent of artificial intelligence, almost all OTT platforms can serve their users in an even better way. As modern technology like Artificial Intelligence grows, its expansion in the OTT platform will also increase as fast.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will be everywhere in the future. Along the same lines, the OTT platform will also benefit a lot with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Very soon shortly, we will see that Artificial Intelligence is combining with the OTT platform in an even smarter way giving us the best services.

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