5 Common Python Web Development Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Vishal Patel
Common Python web development mistakes how to fix

If you are a fresh new Python developer then you must be trying to acclimate yourself with the development environment of Python. The interface of Python is not that easy, especially for those who are just starting their career in Python web development.

It can be especially challenging in the early days to understand the right Python tools, develop the right development habits, and find the right framework. After taking the opinion and study of many experienced Python developers, we have compiled a list of some of the mistakes that almost all Python developers make in the beginning.

These are some of the common points that bother almost all developers in the initial days. But if you understand them well, then you can improve your productivity by improving them.

Code Style

It happens not only with Python developers but with all developers there is a lot of debate on the style of writing the code. You’ll hear a variety of ideas about it such as code should be written using camel case, or someone will tell you that you should assign the space this way. But you have to ignore all these things.

If you only pay attention to these things, then you will be entangled in these things only. You can refer to any guide on how to write code on the Internet according to your own needs. You can follow anyone according to your choice, which you liked.

The way of writing code can be different for all developers. While reviewing your code, if you understand it well, then you do not need to pay much attention to the code style.

Debugging Manually

Many developers keep looking for errors in the code themselves. This is a good approach to some extent but when you write very long then this approach of yours will not help you. Rather, this will confuse you even more and you will not be able to find where the code is wrong. However, due to the scripting nature of the Python language, you might be hesitant to use automatic error detector tools.

But you should get used to it because it saves you a lot of time and also helps you a lot. There are many tools available that will increase your productivity and let you know the mistakes in your code in a matter of seconds.


Use a Comfortable Editing Environment

If you are a Python developer then there is no doubt that more than half of the day will be spent in coding. In such a situation, if your editing environment is not good and interesting, then it can bore you even more. At the same time, your efficiency will not increase that much.

To avoid this problem, you have to pay a lot of attention to this thing so that your editing environment is comfortable for you. Although some developers do not care that much about the coding environment, if you are a beginner then you should take care of this thing. This will prove beneficial for you.

Don’t Distract

Sometimes it may take time for the query, or module to load, or for some processes to complete. In such a situation, you may get bored and busy yourself with some other work. You have to be alert and don’t get distracted at all in such a situation. You have to understand that coding is not possible without focus.

So don’t lose your patience while coding and keep coding regularly. As you start spending time on it, you will start getting more interest in it. In the initial phase, you may find it difficult to do this but very soon you will start enjoying it.

Don’t be a cheap developer

When starting coding, there is every possibility that you would like to get your work done cheaply. License tools may not be your priority but they will have a direct impact on your productivity. In the trial version software, you will continue to get some popups after a limited time.

This will break your focus and will also reduce your productivity. That’s why you should invest a little money and buy the tools. Do not buy tools of any trial version of Python, it will only frustrate you, apart from this they will not be of any benefit.


There is no specific rule to start your career as a Python developer. You have to look into your mistakes and gradually try to improve them with time. The sooner you can improve them, the better developer you will become.

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  1. As a Python enthusiast, this blog hit home. Your solutions are clear, concise, and super helpful. Great resource for anyone diving into web development with Python!

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