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Posted On : 24th June, 2021 by Palak Trivedi

Over the past decade, there has been a shift towards digitization. Almost all brands and businesses already have or are planning to build a web/mobile application to survive in this era of digital transformation. You just can’t afford to make a web/mobile application for the sake of it. You need to make sure that your app has an interactive user interface (UI) that enables the users to connect with you easily. For that, you need to make sure to build your mobile or web app on a robust framework. Selecting a suitable framework for developing your app is a tiresome task. There are plenty of available frameworks that you can choose from. Many times it happens that the brands and businesses are not able to select the right one.

You may have heard about React.js, maintained by Facebook. It is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used to develop a great website or a mobile application by brands and businesses. Applications built using React.js are quick and easy to follow. A majority of the developers go for React.js to build the best and user-friendly apps. React.js is best suited for big as well as small businesses. The fact that it needs minimum coding, gives it an added advantage. The three main characteristics of React.js that make it the preferred choice for a majority of developers are; easy usability, code that can be reused, and simple maintenance. Apart from these three features, there are many other reasons why you should Hire a ReactJS developer for developing your web or mobile applications.


Let’s have a look at the main reasons that make React.js popular in 2021:


  1. A stable code.

    This JavaScript framework provides stable code. One thing that really helps when we use this framework is that it assures that the parent structure won’t be affected by any minor modifications that you make in the child structure. Hence, it becomes easier for the developer to modify any object by simply modifying its state. With React.js you can be assured that the changes in one component will never affect the other components. All of this ensures that the code is stable and the application performance remains consistent.

  2. Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly.

    Do you think it’s enough to build an app or a website? Don’t you think that you are putting in so much effort for creating it so that you get the required traffic for it? Of course, that is the goal. Isn’t it?

    So you should plan your SEO strategy accordingly that will help you rank ahead of your competitors. When you develop applications using React.js, the loading time of the web or mobile application gets reduced significantly. Not just that, depending on the traffic at any time, this framework is capable of adjusting its real-time performance. It supports many such characteristics that are not properly handled by a majority of other frameworks. Also, it enables search engines such as Google,
    crawl applications that are heavily based on JavaScript. That helps in increasing the mobile/web application’s visibility.

  3. Availability of a developer toolkit.

    This JavaScript framework is known for having an excellent toolset when it comes to designing & debugging. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, then you will be happy to know that you can add an extension named ‘React Developer Tools’. With this extension, the development of an application becomes easier. Coding also gets simpler. This toolset enables app developers to identify the parent-child relationships between various components. You also get to examine the present state & provide assistance as and when required.

  4. Regular and definite updates.

    You should know that this framework has backing from a huge online community that keeps on suggesting the necessary updates to make this framework better than before. Due to this, the framework is always up-to-date. To take full advantage of that, you need to keep updating so that you get to develop the best mobile/web app through React.js. There is absolutely no need for you to restart your application every time you update it, just refreshing it is sufficient. Thus, saving a lot of time.


  5. Compatible with React Native.

    For making the best and fastest simple & complicated cross-platform applications, React Native is the most preferred framework. It uses the same principles and components of React.js. Hence, it is simpler to transfer all React components easily. That’s why the time and energy needed to build an application using React Native will be minimal as compared to other frameworks. The dominance of JavaScript code lets the developers work better and with high speeds.

  6. Simple migration.

    One of the advantages for businesses that use the React.js framework for developing apps is that it is easier to shift from an old technological infrastructure to a new one. A lot of time and energy gets saved due to that. Also, you don’t have to rewrite the entire code all over again. React.js makes all of this possible without affecting the performance of the application.

  7. Boost your application performance.

    It has been observed that the web applications built with the React.js framework perform more efficiently. Since with React.js, a developer does not have to use Jquery or any other such codes, the process becomes more seamless. Using React.js build great frontend designs for your brand or business.

    So now you have an idea as to why React.js is popular. It offers many advantages over other JavaScript frameworks making it a favorite framework to work with. The fact that it comes with simple features and that it requires lesser time for developing an application, makes it a preferred choice. Other features such as an interactive UI, simpler components also help build a simple or an extremely advanced application or website for your brand.

With an excellent blend of agility and uniformity, React.js can assist in lessening the struggles of a web or app developer, saving his/her time. It also provides some excellent and intelligent solutions to brands and businesses. No matter the size of your business, you can definitely benefit from using this framework for developing your applications and websites.