AngularJS and jQuery are both JavaScript libraries widely used for developing front-end applications. AngularJS is more like a framework whereas, jQuery, is a library. Let us understand a bit more about AngularJS and jQuery.

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework owned and maintained by Google. It is used to build web applications and then run them.AngularJS comes equipped with the necessary toolset that makes app development easy. Also, it overcomes the shortcomings of existing technologies like HTML and JavaScript. It runs efficiently on any desktop browser and smartphone including, iOS and Android. On the other hand, jQuery is a rich JavaScript library that simplifies HTML for fast website development. It is a Document Object Model library that is capable of working on all browsers. It can carry out usual tasks like manipulating elements, AJAX requests, effects, and more. Some of the functions of jQuery are handling an event, CSS manipulations,
JSON support, effect and animation control, and cross-browser compatible code. Web developers can plug jQuery into their Java projects. They can be used fully or partly as an attachment to the project.

You may wonder if you should Hire an AngularJS developer or a jQuery developer. These days, many developers favor working with AngularJS over JQuery due to five main reasons that we will discuss in this blog. Let us have a look at them.

It provides a complete solution

AngularJS being an all-inclusive comprehensive framework provides a single and complete solution for developing front-end web applications. You do not have to depend on any external toolset or resources for developing your web app. Other than this its features such as REST actions, the ability to use Model View View-Model patterns, Dependency injection, Inbuilt templating, Data binding and inbuilt unit testing APIs, have made it popular among developers. It does not need any external framework for developing a web application.

Another reason that developers use it for building applications is its simplicity. The fact that Google owns and maintains gives it an added advantage.

Enables faster development of web applications

AngularJS uses MVC (Model View Controller) and DI (Dependency Injection), due to which developing web apps are faster.

It also overcomes all the shortcomings of HTML while developing web apps. Building web applications thus becomes easy. It comes with proper documentation for API that has plenty of instances and lessons. These will lead you through all the phases of web application development for free. These things make faster development of web applications possible using AngularJS.

Simple consolidation into the existing code

Coding and design can be carried out simultaneously

AngularJS framework design is for developing web applications. It smoothly merges with the existing code and easily interfaces between cross-platform apps. If jQuery is already there at the bootstrapping procedure, AngularJS can still function along with it. If AngularJS cannot function along with jQuery, it has a jQlite library which approximates jQuery. When using AngularJS, changes to the existing code are minimal.image

Increased productivity

Due to the Dependency Injection feature, the development of unit tests gets easier. The passage of data from the controller depends on the Dependency Injection (DI) feature. AngularJS unit test seizes DI and inserts mock data into the controllers. That way, test page creation takes place which saves time. The developers get more time to concentrate on developing reliable code. Thus, they can work more in less time and thereby increase productivity.

With Angular JS, you don’t have to add any external third-party tools. That helps the developer focus on the app development and testing, rather than on integrating third-party tools. Thus, saving time and enhancing productivity.

All benefits excluding the drawbacks of jQueryAngularJS is a relatively newer technology but can do everything that jQuery can. It does not require large memory and it is much easier to do end-to-end testing on web applications built. AngularJS applications are well-structured and highly organized and offer no such significant shortcomings over jQuery. In the case of jQuery, MVC breaks the application into MVC elements. After the code finishes, these MVC elements are put back together. On the other hand, with
AngularJS, there is no need to develop a code to string the elements together.

Many of the features of AngularJS are not accessible with jQuery. jQuery does not support 2-way data binding that enables the developers to build their project as per their will. It doesn’t use dependency injection as well. You need to add dependencies to jQuery to make it as efficient as AngularJS. That is like an add-on task for the developers.

All that you need for developing your application is available with AngularJS. Thus, there is no reason for you to waste your time and resources in adding dependencies to make jQuery efficient like AngularJS. The learning curve for AngularJS is indeed steep, but it is worth the extra effort. It requires discipline, but, once you get the exposure, then there is nothing like it. You can build more advanced applications with greater ease and in less time.

For the reasons mentioned, you can see why developers prefer AngularJS over jQuery. AngularJS is best suited for developing front-end and client-side applications. It is much better as compared to jQuery for presenting and manipulating data. Also, a developer can combine AngularJS with a current project but must keep the structure in mind to prevent complicated situations at later stages.

It has many more features and functions that it handles better than jQuery but, the fact that it is more agile should be enough to convince you to shift to it. Hire AngularJS developer Indiatoday for developing your front-end and client-side applications with ease and in a short time. Paypal, Snapchat, and Netflix are a few popular websites & applications using AngularJS.

If you need to develop a website jQuery is all you need. But if you need to build a web application as well, you have to go with AngularJS.

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