Top 5 Most Recommended WordPress Plugins For Website Development

Niketan Shah

WordPress is one of the globally used Content Management Systems. It is the best platform to create high-traffic blogs, lead-generating business websites, and other portals. WordPress is like a money-making machine.

Additionally, it offers several plugins to support development and marketing. Using quality and dedicated plugins, developers can easily integrate almost all functionality and features on a website, which benefits businesses in creating feature-rich and highly functional web applications.

However, sometimes, you may face issues in choosing a suitable and proper plugin for your web application, so in such type of conditions, you should find out the best suitable plugins for your website development.

What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress (WP) plugins are simply software component that assists developers to add features to their WP sites without investing time in writing codes for that functionality. Plugins assist in simplifying the development process, adding features, save time and money without writing a single line of code.

Plugins can be as easy as complex as you need them for your development project. You can easily choose free to premium versions as per your requirements. Premium versions offer more features than free versions.

Additionally, plugin API offers a broad set of hooks and filters that enable developers to add new functionality or alter the existing functionality with WP. APIs can utilize custom files, content types, and taxonomies, allowing users to store different types of content, not just posts, and pages. As a developer or admin of the website, you can activate or deactivate the plugins at any time whenever you want.

  1. Yoast SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital in improving a website’s ranking and visitors. WP enables you to create SEO-friendly websites and optimize them appropriately to increase traffic. Yoast SEO is a globally used plugin. It helps you optimize your website correctly for social media channels, add Meta tags, connect with Google console, snippets, generate sitemaps, and more.

    Additionally, with the below-listed features, it provides a decent solution to improve and better optimize your on-page SEO:

    • Robust redirect to create 301 directs easily
    • Readability check
    • Suggestions for internal linking
    • XML News sitemaps
    • Updates according to Google’s algorithms
    • Enable you to create custom Meta Description/Header
    • Better optimize for related keywords, key phrases, synonyms.
  2. WooCommerce WooCommerce is one of the best WP plugins that enables selling online effortlessly. With an excess of customization features and extensions, this plugin makes selling online through WordPress websites more seamless than ever before.

    With a plethora of themes along with countless conversion optimizes tools, physical and affiliate products, the ability to sell digitally, and unrestricted customization options, it stands as a perfect WO plugin in terms of its usability and features.

    In addition, WooCommerce offers several features such as:

    • Sell and Ship anything, anywhere whenever you like
    • Unlimited products
    • Product filtering and sorting
    • Product reviews and ratings
    • Unlimited images and galleries
    • Extensive payment options


  3. MonsterInsights Website analytics is mandatory and has a significant role in your business growth. With this plugin, you can easily set up Google Analytics to your website with just a few clicks, and now you can measure your website’s performance.

    In addition, this plugin assists you in understanding the typical analytics like traffic sources, city and nearby areas of the target country, and customer behavior. With all such details, it becomes easy to know the things which are wasting your time, and you can easily exclude them from your data-driven strategy, which increases traffic and sales to your business.

    MonsterInsights also measure eCommerce and offers you vital metrics such as top products, total revenue, top referral sources, and conversion rate.

    Check its features listed below:

    • Real-time stats
    • Universal tracking
    • Ads tracking
    • File download tracking
    • Quick & easy setup
    • Google Analytics dashboard
    • Enhanced link attribution
  4. Migrate Guru It is a highly specialized and fully automated WP plugin that offers a reliable, quick, and easiest way to migrate any WP site. It executes on an external server, i.e., BlogVault’s servers. It doesn’t overload WP sites and allows developers to transfer large sites even it is 200 GB effortlessly.

    The migration process offers several options to void the irrelevant files and save the migration settings, allowing developers to repeat migration whenever required, just with a single click.

    Check its features listed below:

    • Built for large sites
    • Easy to use
    • One-click migration
    • No overload on WordPress site
    • Fully automatic
    • Built-in search & replace
    • No add-ons
    • No need for storage
  5. Redirection It is one widely used WO plugin that assists developers in 404 error monitoring and 301 redirections. Redirection is the go-to plugin used for tracking waif pages and broken links.

    It allows developers to manually embed 302/307 redirects or track all viewers of URLs automatically. This plugin is easy to install and offers excellent performance and speed. You can create 301 redirects to auto-redirect the upcoming visitors of those pages to the relevant pages.

    Some of the features of this plugin are as follows:

    • Redirect Logs
    • Redirect by the user login in or not
    • Redirect per device or source
    • Manual redirect rules
    • AUTOMATED-redirect to the appropriate match

With the above-listed WP Plugins, you can make your website development faster and easier. All such plugins come with several features and functionalities. Professional WordPress developers use efficient and dedicated plugins in web development and offer a highly functional WP website.

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