How YouTube is Using AI to Change the Way We Watch Videos

Vishal Patel

YouTube is a platform that almost everyone uses. Although it is a video-consuming platform, it is being used as a search engine nowadays. Many people call YouTube a search engine. If seen technically, YouTube is not a search engine, but YouTube solves the way problems, then it can be called a search engine. This platform YouTube provided by Google, is growing very fast.

YouTube has millions of users, and the number is increasing day by day. It becomes a bit difficult to take care of each user and give him the best services in such a situation. To resolve this issue, techniques like Artificial Intelligence are used. YouTube implements Artificial Intelligence in such a great way that it is impossible even to imagine it. You don’t even know how Artificial Intelligence is helping you.

Today, we will tell you how YouTube can give us an excellent service with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Know about it step by step:

Spotting Fake News

It is effortless to make anything viral on the internet world. Especially when the matter is related to any negative incident or theft, robbery, etc., it becomes even more easily viral. In such a situation, it becomes essential to have a quality check. To deal with this problem, Artificial Intelligence is used on YouTube.

During Covid-19, YouTube started working very fast, and they removed about 11 million videos from their platform. YouTube’s community guidelines are stringent, and if any creator violates them, his video is immediately removed from the platform. Today YouTube has become so intelligent that it understands within a few seconds whether the video is a favorite of the community guidelines or not.

Split videos into chapters

You must have noticed that your videos on YouTube recently have started getting divided into chapters without you doing so. One way to do this is to enter timestamps in the description manually. Apart from this, YouTube automatically converts videos into chapters by reading the text of your video with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This is a very cool feature that enhances the viewer’s experience.

Creators also benefit a lot from this. If there is a vast video, it takes a lot of time to add a timestamp. The main goal of YouTube behind introducing the Chat GPT App artificial intelligence-based chapter feature is to give the best experience to both the creator and the visitor. This magical work is done by the Artificial Intelligence developer so that we can get an unforgettable experience.


Exclude Inappropriate Content

The YouTube platform has its community guidelines, following which a creator can upload a video to YouTube. If a creator violates these guidelines, then artificial intelligence systems automatically disable the video within some time. Although this work is much faster than humans, it does not mean that it is entirely accurate.

Many times it was also found that there was no violation of any kind in your video, and still, it was removed from the platform by telling it was against the community guidelines. However, in case of such a problem, you can get your video live by contacting the YouTube team. YouTube is working very fast on its Artificial Intelligence program so that accurate results can be provided with minimum errors.

Small Useful Features

As YouTube realizes what kind of problem their customer is facing, it keeps on making changes according to it. YouTube has added many such small and beneficial features to the platform, which are benefiting a lot. Chief among these are Up-Next & Script. The script has recently been added to YouTube, in which, with the help of artificial intelligence, the subtitles of what you are saying in the video are automatically created. You can find these in a separate column script created in the video description.

Age-Restricted Content

There are different types of content for each age group. Keeping this in mind, YouTube has added an age restriction feature on its platform. If there is such a video that it will not be suitable for young children to watch or it is terrifying, then for this, you will have to be of a certain age. Only then will you be able to watch this video? Along with this, he has created a platform named YouTube Kids for young children, in which only content related to young children is available. Along with this, an outstanding feature like Parent Control has also been given in which parents can track how long their child is using the mobile and what he is watching.

Contact Recommendation

This is the most important and valuable part of YouTube. You must have often felt that you see only those videos you want to watch on YouTube, and you only get the recommendation of the video related to the kind of video you must have seen. Do you know how this is possible? Artificial intelligence developers do this with the help of synthetic Intelligence, wherein YouTube’s recommendation engine shows you only what you like to watch.

With its help, your experience also remains excellent, and user retention is also very high, due to which YouTube also benefits. Overall, this is a feature that benefits the creator and the user, in which the creator is YouTube itself, and the user is a viewer. With this, you can understand ​​how wonderfully Artificial Intelligence is helping us.


In this rapidly growing technology and artificial intelligence world, the demand for artificial intelligence developers has increased a lot. To save time and give a great experience, we have to use technology. If you want to reach your best services to the people, you can contact us. If you also want to start any of your Artificial Intelligence projects, you can contact our Artificial Intelligence Developer.

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