Value Proposition



In the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry, innovation is key to staying ahead. ADNOC, a leader in energy exploration and production based in the UAE, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize its operations. Recognizing the potential of digital technologies and automation, ADNOC aimed to shift from traditional manned operations to fully unmanned processes.


The primary objective was to conduct a thorough assessment of ADNOC onshore NEB's current operating model and technology to evaluate readiness for unmanned operations and design an operating model and architecture for fully unmanned operations, including a new philosophy, organizational setup, and process enhancements to operate from a DCC.


Assess current operations and technology to identify areas for improvement and evaluate readiness for unmanned operations.

Design operating model and architecture, considering the split of CAPEX between DCC and technology solution costs. Develop a new operating philosophy, organizational setup, and process enhancements.

Implement digital technologies and automation, focusing on the initial costs of the use cases' applications. Deploy appropriate solutions to enable unmanned operations.

Monitor performance and analyze data using digital tools. Continuously evaluate asset performance, optimize operations, and generate insights for better decision-making.

Measure OPEX savings and energy efficiency achieved through unmanned operations. Calculate cost reductions from reduced manpower requirements and track improvements in operational efficiency.

Value proposition

By leveraging digital technologies and automation, ADNOC gained a greater understanding of asset performance.


Through collaborative efforts with Viitorcloud Technologies, ADNOC achieved remarkable milestones:

Achieved improved profitability, energy savings, reduced costs, enhanced reliability, and increased efficiency with our consultation.

They enhanced understanding of asset performance through digital technologies and automation.

Optimized resource allocation and streamlined processes for a sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

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