Value Proposition



ViitorCloud developed an innovative AI solution for golf course segmentation using satellite imagery to provide real-time guidance to golfers. The system identifies feasible playing areas within a golf course, highlighting regions without bunkers or rivers. Leveraging advanced Deep Learning algorithms, the solution enhances the golfing experience by offering accurate insights into optimal playing zones.


The primary objective is to revolutionize the golfing experience by empowering golfers with unprecedented insights and real-time guidance on the golf course. The aim is to enhance performance, safety, and enjoyment for golfers through informed decision-making based on accurate playing conditions.


Enhanced golfing experience

AI-powered Golf Course Segmentation solution transforms the golfing experience by providing golfers with detailed insights into optimal playing areas within the course.

Real-time guidance

By utilizing satellite imagery, the solution offers golfers real-time guidance, enabling them to navigate the course confidently while avoiding hazards like bunkers and rivers.

Informed decision-making

The platform empowers golfers to make informed decisions by providing accurate insights into playing conditions, thereby enhancing their performance and enjoyment on the green.

Value proposition

The AI solution enhances the overall golfing experience by offering unprecedented insights into optimal playing areas.

Providing real-time guidance helps golfers navigate the course confidently and avoid hazards effectively.

Empowering golfers with accurate insights enhances their performance and enjoyment by enabling informed decisions on the course.


Accurate segmentation of the golf course ensures identification of playable areas, allowing golfers to focus on strategic advantages and optimal playing conditions.

Golfers receive real-time guidance on optimal playing areas, leading to improved performance and enjoyment on the course.

Alerting golfers to hazards helps them avoid obstacles, enhancing safety and minimizing disruptions during gameplay.

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