The Changing Face of Mobile App Development

Vishal Patel

In the last decade, the world has experienced a big boom in modern technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT, and other technological developments have transformed how we utilize, experience, and play. User expectations for business software, framed by today’s apps, bring challenges to tech developers. Developers rely on tech solutions to meet users’ expectations and offer them a unique experience to produce better results.

Mobile technology is transforming the marketplaces, business, and operations models rapidly. According to Statista, by the year 2021, mobile app market revenue is predicted to reach $693 billion.

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How Technology is Changing the Face of Mobile App Development

Technology has had a profound impact on mobile app development, transforming the way applications are created, deployed, and experienced. Here are some key ways in which technology is changing the face of mobile app development:

IoT-Enabled Mobile Apps

A robust network of interconnected smart devices is termed the Internet of Things. Big organizations like Google and Amazon are already utilizing this technology to strengthen their presence and competition.

Google Home Voice Controller and Amazon Echo are examples of IoT-enabled devices.

Moreover, smart homes, savvy health insurance, and supply chains in retail have come to life in reality. With the rapidly growing demand for IoT-enabled devices, the demand for IoT-enabled apps has increased exponentially; thus, it is changing the face of mobile app development rigorously.

According to Telegraph, Google’s move to grab renowned wearable company Fitbit for $2.1bn and its association with Nest (A home security camera manufacturer) is the biggest sign that Google is moving quickly towards IoT(Internet of Things) technology.

5G Mobile Network

The new mobile network technology 5G, is 100 times faster than its predecessor, 4G. This high speed of the internet can bring a big change and tremendous revolution to the applications connected with video streaming, gaming in 4K streaming, easy-to-manage AR & VR 3D objects, and better access to IoT services and devices.

As per some reports, by 2021, the number of 5G smartphones would cross 600 million. Also, by 2022, nearly half of smartphones will be 5G enabled.

In the latest version of the iPhone, the company has made it adaptable for 5G networks. It shows that 5G is one of the most emerging trends in the mobile development market.

imageOn-Demand Applications

On-demand mobile applications are the trendiest in 2021. We have seen the usage of several apps in 2020 during the lockdown. Some of the best examples of on-demand mobile apps are Pizza Hut, Airbnb, UberEats etc.

Such apps have taken over the whole world by storm. People prefer ordering online via mobile apps rather than calling the services.

On-demand apps have widespread in different industry domains, like food delivery, taxi service, home tutors, health instructors, etc. Other on-demand services incorporate private coaching, house cleaning, call a barber, house maintenance, physician on-demand, pet care and many more.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is one of the most emerging technologies in the world. It records the information in a manner that it makes is nearly impossible to hack or change that system.

Smart contracts and cryptocurrencies are the best examples of industry domains using blockchain technology. Indeed Bitcoin has offered us the value of Cryptocurrency; similarly, Ethereum has given us the real potential of Blockchain.

We can see the use of this technology is decentralized apps as these apps don’t need a mediator channel for handling their information. It connects users and service providers directly. Therefore, no one can hack and penetrate the data.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is one of the biggest and most dominating factors in today’s mobile app industry. The contribution of mobile commerce apps to businesses is astonishing.

Several organizations prefer to do business online; however, when Amazon introduced their mobile commerce app- all businesses started doing the same. Using mobile apps assists people to access things in less time and effort than going to the browser and starting the search.

Resellers and vendors who are using mobile commerce are generating more profits. They are getting huge sales and a better response rate. So, mobile commerce is a vital and game-changer trend in the app development market.

Mobile app development is facing new changes every day. To stay competitive and stable in the market, you need to develop the app by keeping the current information and users’ expectations in mind. Follow the top trends as it makes the foundation of success for your project.

There is no need to implement all trends in a single app; however, you should understand how the market shifts and adapts to new technology.

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