InnoViitor” is a Hackathon Initiative announced by ViitorCloud, which shows that your imagination can turn into reality with dedication, discipline and in this case, of course, lots of coding.

“Hackathons are a breeding ground for innovation. They provide a space for people to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.”

Vishal Rajpurohit, CTO ViitorCloud Technologies

What is a hackathon event?

A hackathon is a dynamic tech innovation event that typically lasts for a defined period, where individuals or teams come together to work on groundbreaking projects or solve specific challenges collaboratively. These events are designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and rapid problem-solving that inspires innovation. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box and develop innovative approaches to challenges.

Hackathons inspire a supportive and energetic environment that fosters learning, sharing of ideas, and showcasing skills. It’s an excellent opportunity for individuals to learn from one another and exchange ideas.

InnoViitor: an initiative on hackathon by ViitorCloud

So, to look back at the history, ViitorCloud Organized it’s very first Hackathon in 2019 which was for 24 hours.

ViitorCloud recently organized an exceptional in-house hackathon 2023 called “InnoViitor” centered around the theme “AI Challenge: Pioneering the Future with AI.” This event proved to be a resounding success, with ideas no one ever thought of before, and the solutions derived from them were unimaginable.

This event was the second edition in the history of ViitorCloud as a hackathon, and after looking at the success rate, we decided to organize InnoViitor every year.

With the enthusiastic participation of 8 teams, each comprising 4 members, for a 24-hour Development challenge to create groundbreaking AI projects.

Projects Built during InnoViitor | Hackathon 2023

The AI hackathon 2023 provided an ideal platform for our employees to explore their skills and ingenuity in the realm of AI. With access to a wide range of resources, including ViitorCloud’s advanced AI platform, cloud computing infrastructure and a team of experienced engineers, the team had everything they needed to go on a journey to build their innovative projects.

But it was also a challenging task for them as not every team knew all the aspects of AI, although they built projects covering all the criteria which also added a layer of knowledge to them.

Projects built during InnoViitor

Over the course of 24 hours, all the teams poured their efforts, ideas and sleep into creating real-life solutions to the real-world problems. Some of these projects were:

Projects Built During InnoViitor
  1. AI-powered web application” designed to empower users in their content creation journey.
  2. User-friendly interface to simplify database interactions.
  3. Personal chatbot which replicates the conversational style of user 1 when engaging with User 2.
  4. The Personalized Learning Platform is designed to empower users in creating customized learning experiences for any topic of their choice.
  5. A custom Large Language Model to generate answers and ensure the safety of user data by running on their local servers.
  6. A system for data retrieval, transformation, and reporting with the following components.
  7. An intelligent chatbot capable of processing uploaded PDFs and providing relevant question-answering capabilities.
  8. An innovative chatbot UI for seamless interaction with databases.

Winners of the InnoViitor:

Each project built was amazing in its own way and some of the AI solutions were thought, executed and built in such an unthinkable way. And it was difficult to evaluate and select only one project as a winner, but our judges assessed all the projects based on their creativity, innovation, feasibility and execution.

Our panel of judges included Rohit Purohit, CEO of ViitorCloud, Vishal Patel, Vice President of Technology and Jay Vora, Managing Director of Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

The winning team had the privilege of having the project implemented for real-world problems, along with the cash prize. Team Neural Architects and Team 314 were on the winning spot, making it a tie! And Team Innov8ors secured their place as a runner-up.

Key factors which led towards the success of the InnoViitor

The resounding success of the InnoViitor AI Challenge can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. Exceptional Participants: The hackathon drew some of ViitorCloud’s most talented and brilliant engineers, guaranteeing the development of high-quality projects.
  2. Ambitious yet Attainable Goals: Participants were presented with ambitious goals of developing innovative AI projects within the constrained timeframe of 24 hours. This challenge instilled motivation and focus among the teams.
  3. Extensive Support: The hackathon participants received unparalleled support from ViitorCloud’s AI engineers, enabling them to overcome challenges and fully unleash their potential.
  4. Nurturing Environment: InnoViitor AI Challenge cultivated a positive and supportive atmosphere, fostering camaraderie and encouraging innovation among participants.
  5. Volunteers: All the participants received unimaginable support from the volunteers who willingly helped each and every participant and learned all the new aspects of AI.

The InnoViitor AI Challenge served as an invaluable experience for all involved. It offered ViitorCloud employees a chance to expand their knowledge and grow professionally while nurturing a culture of innovation within the organization. Furthermore, the event generated excitement and enthusiasm for AI, shedding light on its potential to tackle real-world problems.