Welcome to the exciting world of Laracon, where developers from around the globe come together to experience a conference like no other.

Laracon US 2023 Conference is just around the corner, promising to be an event that will ignite your passion for all things in Laravel.

From groundbreaking talks by industry leaders to engaging workshops and networking opportunities, this is an event that shouldn’t be missed. Mark your calendars and get ready to be inspired, educated, and immersed in the thriving Laravel community.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey, Laracon US 2023 is the place to be. So, buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable experience that will take your coding skills to the next level.

What is laracon?

Laracon is the official Laravel conference, a two-day event for people who are interested in learning Laravel and related technologies, or who want to share their knowledge with others. Laracon is organized by Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel.

The first Laracon was held in New York City. Since then, Laracon has been held in a variety of cities around the world, including San Francisco, London, and Amsterdam.

The most recent Laravel Event was held in Ahmedabad, India in 2023 which was hosted by our CTO, Vishal Rajpurohit, and it had over 1200 attendees.

Laracon US has grown significantly over the years. ViitorCloud has been associated with the Laracon since 2017, as our CTO, attended the Laracon EU and then Laracon US in 2019.
The event has also become more popular, with attendees from all over the world. And ViitorCloud is a proud community sponsor of Laracon Us 2023, along with the official partner of Laravel News.

We, as a technology company, are always looking for different ways to help our developers and we do that by organizing or participating in city-level Laravel meet-ups.

This gives us a chance to showcase our talented developers and the opportunity to learn from others as well.

The main objectives of organizing and attending Laracon are to:

  1. Provide a forum for Laravel developers to learn from each other
  2. Promote the Laravel framework
  3. Build a community among Laravel developers
  4. Network with developers all around the world.

The focus of Laracon is not only on Laravel development, but there are also talks on related topics such as PHP, Tailwind CSS, Livewire, Unveiling Laravel Prompts and web development. The talks are presented by a variety of speakers, including Laravel core developers, Laravel experts, and other members of the Laravel community.

Why is laracon us the biggest conference?

Laracon US is considered one of the biggest conferences in the field of Laravel, a popular PHP framework for web application development. Several factors contribute to its prominence:

Stellar speaker lineup

Laracon US consistently boasts an impressive lineup of speakers who are experts in their respective fields.

These individuals share their knowledge, insights, and experiences, covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to Laravel and web development as a whole.

The event kicks off with an inspiring keynote address delivered by Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel. In his speech, Otwell usually shares insights into the framework’s evolution, future roadmap, and the vision behind Laravel’s success.

Deep-dive workshops

The conference offers pre-event workshops where attendees can participate in hands-on sessions conducted by industry leaders.

    These workshops provide a deeper understanding of Laravel’s core concepts and enable developers to enhance their skills and knowledge.

    Networking opportunities

    Laracon US provides an excellent platform for developers to network with industry professionals, like-minded individuals, and potential employers.

      Building connections and relationships within the Laravel community can lead to collaborations, career opportunities, and lifelong friendships.

      Community engagement

      Laracon US fosters a strong sense of community within the Laravel ecosystem. Developers from various experience levels come together to share their passion for Laravel, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.

        This community-driven atmosphere creates an environment of support, learning, and growth.

        Unveiling of laravel updates

        Laracon US often serves as a platform for unveiling major updates and announcements related to the Laravel framework.

          Attendees get a firsthand look at upcoming features, improvements, and advancements, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of web development.

          Laracon US is undeniably the biggest conference in the Laravel community. With an outstanding lineup of speakers, deep-dive workshops, networking opportunities, and a strong sense of community engagement, it offers an unparalleled experience for Laravel enthusiasts. As our CTO, Vishal Rajpurohit, eagerly prepares to attend Laracon US in Nashville. His excitement for this extraordinary event is what is keeping all of us hyped up for this conference. Stay tuned for updates and insights from Vishal as he immerses himself in the world of Laravel at Laracon US!