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Posted On : 14th September, 2018 by Palak Trivedi

ReactJS was first stationed by the Social Media King Facebook in 2011 for developing user interfaces. Technically, ReactJS is a user interface library which involves same features of the front-end frameworks, but the view of ReactJS is to make HTML elements into components. By employing the React Native, the developers can also design native apps.

The complex UI components can split down into singular ones by the developers to make worth of Separate Components. Moreover, ReactJS is connected with the top-grade companies inclusive of Yahoo, BBC, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal and others. As per the stats of Similar Tech, United States is the first country in using ReactJS, followed by other countries like Japan, China, Russia, UK etc. While working with other frameworks, it lacks to do a lot of complicated coding for the development of individual comments. ReactJS proved as a simple programming language compared to others. It also offers the feature of reusing the codes, which permits faster performance of the projects.


1) Easy to develop Dynamic Web Applications with ReactJS

ReactJS has resolved the issue of complicated coding with the clumsy HTML strings. ReactJS Developers use JSX, by which particular syntax is allowing HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax application to provide specific subcomponents. It also combines the components into a single time variable file and maintains the developing of machine-readable codes.


2) Give support to reuse the React Components

Reusing the React Components is one of the strength for the developers. They can reuse the components which were created for other application that shares the same functionality. This also helps to finish the project faster by saving the efforts and time. Moreover, there are fewer chances of creating mistakes as there is less coding included. This also raises the speed of the applications, which holds more customer maintenance.


3) ReactJS is Much Easier to Master

If you are fresh to this field, it is much easier to learn and master in this field matched to other libraries. Unlike Angular, ReactJS is not a complicated tool to learn. When you have JavaScript Skills, the learning process will become more straightforward.


4) Virtual DOM expand the Performance

DOM or Document Object Model is a cross-platform programming API that deals with HTML, XML or XHTML like a tree structure. But developers have to face the problem whenever the DOM updated because it slows down the execution. ReactJS has resolved this issue by launching Virtual DOM. It leads to tranquil and faster enforcement as it doesn’t often update.


5) ReactJS Offers Stable Code

By allowing the direct work with components and controls downward data binding, ReactJS give assurance that any changes in child structure won’t affect their parents. For changing an object, developers require to do is alter its state and employ updates. This is how ReactJS makes the code stable.


6) ReactJS is SEO Friendly

Most of the times, developers have accused that JavaScript frameworks have not been SEO friendly. This becomes an issue because many web apps have to suffer on the search engines for the better ranks.

Nevertheless, ReactJS surmounts this obstacle, and it allows ReactJS Developers to develop the winning User Interface which can be driven on different search engines quickly.


7) Strong JavaScript Library

ReactJS is offering rich JavaScript Library which gives more versatility to developers to decide the way they need. To use the ReactJS Framework, Facebook has set some rules for the developers, yet it is not rigid. While creating the apps, developers can enrol their own patterns or templates.


8) Powerful Community Support Final Thoughts

As ReactJS is an open-source library and coders, the developers from around the globe helping people to learn the technology in several ways. You can also get widespread support from Facebook if you have any trouble.

Final Thoughts

By allowing the developers, ReactJS can make high quality and engaging web apps and user interface within a short time. It also lets you tear down the components and develop a single page application with limited coding. Hire ReactJS Developers for developing large-scale apps with continually adjusting data. Alike React, Angular is also an outstanding and high-grade framework, but Angular is complicated and challenging to learn as it is not a secure framework. On the other Side, React is competent in building any complex User Interface managing the state out of the DOM.