Business Communication Sessions at VC – Fostering Employee Engagement

Krupali Gangani

Effective communication is the base of any significant corporate communication. And following this approach to foster employee engagement, we conducted Business Communication Sessions at ViitorCloud Technologies, Ahmedabad which involved the following sessions and activities,

Verbal and Non-Verbal

  1. At the beginning of the training, all the employees were asked to write anything they wished in a sheet of paper which was assessed by the trainer to know the level of each employee regarding English
  2. Professional email writing was taught. Also, the way to reply in chats was explained.
  3. There were games conducted in which we had to explain to each other only through actions. This showed the importance of non-verbal communication

Accent Training

  1. We had accent training sessions where we were taught pronunciation.
  2. A recording was played, as a practice and we had to understand it and answer the questions
  3. This course was beneficial in dealing with clients out of India, and there was an increase in the level of understanding between the client and the employee

Vocabulary Improvement

  1. A vocabulary sheet was given to everyone which contained a list of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Those were basic words that could be used in our day-to-day life
  2. Some people have problems in remembering the vocabulary to be used during communication, so this sheet proved to be very beneficial as we could refer to it


  1. Real-time examples were shown in which people made grammatical mistakes which proved in better learning

One-to-one Conversations

  1. The trainer had one-to-one conversations with each employee in which the problems faced by them were discussed, and solutions were given.

Groups Formed

  1. At the end of the training, groups were formed for having discussions in English on a regular basis
  2. This helped all the employees in increasing their fluency in English as everyone had to participate in the discussions
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